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100 Envelopes With White Powder Sent to Kansas GOP Lawmakers, Trump and Clarence Thomas


Approximately 100 envelopes with suspicious white powder were sent to Kansas Republican legislators and other public officials over the weekend and the list is growing. Former President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas also received letters with the suspicious white powder.

ABC News reporter Aaron Katersky said: “Envelopes containing a suspicious powdery substance were discovered in the mailboxes of a few dozen Kansas lawmakers. But tonight the list of intended recipients is growing.

“More than 100 Kansas officials have now received letters and federal law enforcement sources tell ABC News letters were also addressed to former President Trump, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and other high-profile individuals, though we’re told the postal inspectors intercepted those letters before they were delivered.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation issued a statement that said: “The KBI and the FBI, with assistance from KDHE and other partners, updated findings on the white powder found in letters sent to Kansas legislators and public officials. 

“As of Sunday June 18, approximately 100 letters containing suspicious white powder have been received across the state of Kansas. A small sample of the letters containing powder was sent to a laboratory that specializes in testing biological samples. 

“Preliminary tests have returned from this lab indicating the substance is presumptively negative for common biological agents of concern. 

“Further and more complete testing will be conducted on this sample, as well as on additional letters that have been collected, in an effort to determine the components of the substance. 

“EARLIER: Today, KBI agents working alongside the FBI, KDHE, OSFM, Kansas National Guard, KHP, and several local police departments, sheriff’s offices, and fire departments have responded after mail was received by legislators and other public officials containing a suspicious white powder.

“As of 4 p.m. Friday afternoon, over 30 letters containing the suspicious powder have been reported across the state. 

“Law enforcement and hazmat teams are working to safely collect the letters and investigate the incidents. 

“Currently, no injuries have been reported, but we ask everyone to remain vigilant in handling mail.”