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After Biden Team Flip-Flops on Pelosi Visit – Red China Makes Eye-Opening Threat and Preparations


What’s Happening:

Despite warnings and common sense, Nancy Pelosi intends on visiting Taiwan during her Asian tour. Joe Biden and his administration previously discouraged the visit.

But, what do ya know, they flip-flopped.

From OANN:

White House National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby said Nancy Pelosi has the right to visit Taiwan despite warnings by China.

Does this administration have a spine at all? The only thing worse than taking the wrong position is having a position that is as clear as mud.

And now that Ms. Speaker is going to defy a country Democrats have been bowing to for years, China is making bold moves. From The Sun:

CHINA has vowed to “fight to the death” as warships, tanks and fighter planes have been deployed amid fears war could explode over Taiwan.

Beijing is furious and has threatened to take action as it accuses the US of provoking them over the breakaway island, which the Communist Party has long claimed belongs to China.

It appears that China is mobilizing tanks, warships, and fighter planes just as Nancy Pelosi travels to Taiwan, an island the communists claim belongs to them.

Pelosi, who is far being a diplomat, appears to be trying to provoke the communist country by visiting Taiwan.

America has long maintained the belief in the “One China Policy” instituted by President Carter in the 1970s.

This technically means we support China’s view that Taiwan belongs to it. Pelosi’s trip to the country, however, China claims shows support for independent Taiwan.

China threatened America, saying “prepare for war.” They claim they are willing to “fight to the death” as they make a big show of military vehicles.

Is this all talk from a country known for dramatic antics? Or does the trip of a single, largely unliked American politician really grounds for conflict?

Nancy Pelosi holds little clout with Americans (outside her corrupt House of Representatives). Very few Americans will care about what she says during her trip.

But China might think otherwise. We can’t help but think that if we had a Republican Speaker, with actual leadership skills, he wouldn’t be needlessly provoking a hostile country.

I guess we’ll see what Nancy does.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden flip-flops on Nancy Pelosi’s trip, but still supports the One China Policy.
  • China mobilized vehicles, promising to start a war if Pelosi supports Taiwan.

Source: OANNThe Sun