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After Boy Scouts Goes Ultra-Woke – Families Strike Back with 1 Genius Move


For years, Americans have watched as the long-standing group the Boy Scouts of America slide into political correctness. After scandals tarnished the group’s reputation, it seems far-left advisers took over the decision-making process of the once-storied organization.

The Boy Scouts quickly started making changes that upset members. They started welcoming girls, despite the existence of the Girl Scouts. The group also began welcoming girls who “identify” as boys—a very ominous sign.

Now, it seems the Boy Scouts have finished its descent into woke madness. The group completely rebranded its organization, renaming itself to “Scouting America.” Now, millions of Americans are taking a stand.

From The Post Millennial:
Families have decided to ditch the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) after the youth organization unveiled its progressive name rebrand to “Scouting America” to be more “inclusive.” In return, they have placed their kids in faith-based alternatives such as Awana and Trail Life USA…

While the Boy Scouts only recently announced the name change to “Scouting America,” the organization, which was founded in 1910 exclusively for boys, made progressive changes over the past several years to include girls and girls who claim to be boys. Removing the word “boy” from its name represents the most recent effort by the organization to promote inclusivity.

In 2019, the Boy Scouts had about 1.97 million members. But as it has become increasingly progressive, the membership dropped to 1.12 million last year. Now, after it changed its name to “Scouting America,” many families are turning to other organizations.

Families are leaving the group formerly known as “Boy Scouts” to faith-based groups that offer similar activities, skill training, and leadership opportunities. Some of these groups are Awana and Trail Life USA. It appears parents have become increasingly frustrated with the Boy Scouts, as its leadership pushed more and more “inclusive” and progressive policies.

The Boy and Girl Scouts groups were originally meant to provide children with opportunities to explore the outdoors while developing life-long skills. They were separate for a reason, so boys and girls could build healthy relationships with members of the same gender.

But the woke cult has taken over the Boy Scouts and Americans are not happy. Alternative organizations are seeing enrollment explode. Families still want their children to enjoy the outdoors, learn, and grow. They just want to be free of the far-left progressive religion that is trying to take over everything.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Boy Scouts have changed its name to “Scouting America.”
  • This comes after the group became increasingly progressive in recent years.
  • In response, families are leaving the organization to join faith-based alternatives.

Source: The Post Millennial