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After Buttigieg Caught in Taxpayer Scandal – Ted Cruz Drops the Hammer on Him


Over the Summer, Biden’s Department of Transportation announced it was accepting applications for the National Infrastructure Project Assistance, Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA), and Rural Surface Transportation Grant programs.

These programs received billions of tax dollars to rebuild America’s infrastructure. Biden himself has previously tried to take credit for “rebuilding” America’s roads, bridges, etc.

But the DOT’s head, Pete Buttigieg, revealed these billions will only be given to projects with a woke agenda. And now, Ted Cruz is firing back.

From Fox News:
An internal memorandum circulated among lawmakers by Senate Commerce Committee Republicans highlights how the Biden administration is tying billions of dollars in taxpayer funds to “woke initiatives.”…

“Congress must not allow the Department of Transportation to push the absurd concept of ‘racist roads’ to prevent Americans from getting much-needed improvements to their highways,” it continued. “The funding notices issued by DOT should focus on the law as written, not woke priorities.”

…the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) the DOT issued as part of its grant awarding process states recipients must broadly address equity and climate concerns.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz has called out Biden’s Department of Transportation for prioritizing progressive infrastructure projects. The DOT is offering over $5.6 billion to projects across the country. But they are only willing to fund “transformational infrastructure” projects.

This means projects that have considered “equity and barriers to opportunity” in the planning as well as climate concerns.

Sen. Cruz accused Buttigieg and his agency of pushing wokeness through the DOT. Cruz blasted the Biden administration for claiming there is such a thing as “racist roads.” The Republican criticized the White House for preventing “Americans from getting much-needed improvements to their highways.”

Since the start of the Biden administration, the president appears to have prioritized progressive, leftist policies. His Pentagon and other agencies have pushed approved gender pronouns. The NSA was criticized for drafting a “woke” glossary. And now, even funds meant to build roads and bridges might be used to fulfill a progressive agenda.

Cruz might take action against the DOT’s plans. If the NOFO is a rule, it is subject to the Congressional Review Act. That would allow Congress to revoke this regulation. A watchdog group claimed the NOFO is subject to this law.

Meaning, that the senator might be able to shut down this progressive agenda.

Source: Fox News