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After Colorado Erases Trump from 2024 Ballot – Republicans Come Up with Brilliant Fix


The country learned this week that the Supreme Court of blue state Colorado ruled to remove Trump from the 2024 primary ballot. Numerous lawsuits have attempted the same in other states, but have failed.

Trump’s campaign immediately vowed to take the issue to the U.S. Supreme Court. But the Republican party of Colorado could make a change that invalidates the court’s decision entirely.

From Daily Wire:
The Colorado Republican Party said on Tuesday night that if former President Donald Trump was kept of the presidential primary ballot in the state in 2024, the party would cancel the primary altogether…

“We will withdraw from the Primary as a Party and convert to a pure caucus system if this is allowed to stand,” the party said in responding to the Court’s ruling.

Four out of the seven judges on the Colorado Supreme Court claimed they had “little difficulty” finding evidence that Trump was guilty of “insurrection” on January 6, 2021. This, despite the fact Trump has not been convicted of insurrection or any other crime.

Republicans have decried the decision to remove him from the primary ballots as an attack on democracy. Especially after many other state courts ruled they did not have the authority to decide who could appear on a party’s primary ballots.

But the Republican Party of Colorado vowed to cancel primary voting altogether, if this ruling stands. Instead, they will switch to a “pure caucus” system. If that were to happen, it would eliminate the use of primary ballots in the state.

A caucus system might be immune from the court’s ruling. Although it is likely Democrats will try to meddle in that decision as well.

An appeal to this decision has already been filed. The Trump campaign intends to take this issue to the U.S. Supreme Court. The highest could in the land might be forced to rule on the 14th Amendment, which Democrats have been trying to invoke to prevent Trump from appearing on ballots.

Many critics have accused Democrats of meddling in the 2024 Election to protect Joe Biden. The Democrat president has faced withering approval numbers and recent polls showing him losing to Donald Trump. If Democrats are really doing this to help Biden win, it would constitute election interference on a level never before seen in the United States.

Source: Daily Wire