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After Cops Pull Over Florida Democrat Leader – Video Shows Her Rudely Insults the Officer and Speeds Off


Democrats are still struggling to distance themselves from the “defund the police” movement.

But we all remember who was encouraging cities to slash funding. It seems some Democrats continue to harbor a grudge against the men and women who protect us.

Newly released footage reveals what one Florida Democrat did when she was pulled over for speeding.

From Daily Wire:

A Florida Democratic politician cursed a police officer and sped away after being pulled over for speeding in a newly released police video…

“I am Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins from the city of Pompano Beach. Y’all need to find something better to f***ing do,” Perkins says as she speeds off in her white Audi.

Jump to the end of this YouTube video to see her insult:

The vice mayor of Pompano Beach, Democrat Beverly Perkins, was pulled over for speeding in Fort Lauderdale.

The police officer, according to the footage, was polite and professional. But Perkins curses at him and doesn’t even stick around.

Imagine being so entitled. Most Americans know they need to show respect and cooperation with a cop, if they’re pulled over.

Otherwise, that officer might write you a big, fat ticket.

But this Democrat leader seems to think she is above the law. Where have we seen that before?

The officer even went ahead and gave her only a warning, not a ticket. But she still treated him like dirt and sped off.

When news of this interaction came out, she didn’t even properly apologize. She wrote, “If any exchange on my part, the conversation with the police officer, is perceived as being disrespectful, then I do apologize.”

If!? She straight up cursed him out. Who in their right mind doesn’t realize that was disrespectful?

This comes as leading Democrats try to pretend like they weren’t fanning the flames of the defund movement two years ago.

Thanks to them, major cities saw a rise in crime, because police lost billions (in some cases) from their budget.

And that’s not even touching the resentment and hate against cops the left spread across the entire country during that time.

This woman is only making it worse. And she doesn’t seem to care.

Source: Daily Wire