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After Crazy Barron Trump Tweet Goes Viral – It Backfires and the Sick Post Suddenly Disappears


Is there nothing Democrats won’t do or say to take down the Trump family? Donald Trump is running to be president again. He expects criticisms against him by the media and his enemies. Yet the left has long gone after his family, including his wife and children.

In fact, one liberal figure, a former NBC executive, discovered that Trump’s youngest son just turned 18. Barron Trump was the subject of attacks when Trump first entered office.

Like his older siblings, Democrats had no qualms about mocking or mistreating him. But on the very day he turned 18, this liberal decided to make a post about him. The backlash was so fierce, that he scrambled to take back what he said.

From The Blaze:
A former NBC executive deleted a social media post saying Barron Trump — son of former President Donald Trump — is “fair game now” that he turned 18 years old, Fox News reported.

Mike Sington, a retired NBCUniversal senior executive, marked Barron Trump’s birthday Wednesday with a photo of Barron and his father, along with the following message: “Barron Trump turns 18 today. He’s fair game now,” the cable network [executive] said.

Oddly enough, liberal NBC stooge Mike Sington claimed Barron Trump was “fair game” now that he turned 18. People were sickened by what he said, suggesting that he was calling for physical attacks against the presidential son.

The man quickly deleted the tweet and claimed that was not what he meant. Someone will have to explain to me in what universe saying an 18-year-old is “fair game” could be good. Democrats have shown utter contempt and inhuman hatred toward Donald Trump and his family.

But what does Trump’s policies have to do with his 18-year-old son? Barron has been wise to avoid the limelight and seek attention from the public. He has done nothing that would warrant criticism or abuse from the media (unlike the children of many Democrat politicians).

Yet this sick liberal is all too eager to order the woke mob to go after Barron. This is the same mob that organizes protests and harassment against conservative judges and their families. The same woke mob that doxes conservative Americans, putting them in harm’s way.

Saying Barron is “fair game,” in any context, is twisted and evil. But it is par for the course for a party that is so blinded by their hatred, that they’ve lost all sense of a moral compass.

Source: The Blaze