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After DeSantis Signs Powerful New Law – Liberals Have Total Meltdown in Florida


From blue state to blue state, it seems as if Democrats are going out of their way to make life worse. Progressive policies have resulted in spikes in crime, drug abuse, and the closing of many businesses.

A massive exodus has taken place, where tens of thousands (or more) of Americans flee to greener pastures. Some have no choice, as the jobs are drying up.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is refusing his state to go the same way. He has long counter-progressive policies with pro-police, pro-law and order, and pro-parent laws. He just signed a new bill that will protect families and help the homeless. But the left’s reaction seems to prove why they are so bad at what they do.

From The Blaze:
Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that would ban homeless people from camping in public spaces, and many on the left were outraged…

“It’s not meeting people where they are at. It’s also wanting them to be sober, which is not realistic with a portion of this population,” said Michael Kimberl…

“This is BAD. Homeless people migrate to Florida because they can survive there. This is cruel. Half the people I know go squat the woods in Florida every winter,” responded homeless activist Rebecca Powell.

Did you know there were “homeless activists”? Me neither.

Gov. DeSantis signed a law banning homeless encampments in Florida. The law requires municipalities to provide adequate sleeping spaces for the homeless, instead of letting them build tent communities in parks and outside libraries.

Apparently, this was enough to trigger liberals—who called the bill cruel.

No, what’s cruel is providing welfare to drug addicts, while letting them sleep under bridges and outside government buildings. This law aims at ending homelessness in Florida while ensuring families are not in danger.

It seems Democrats wanted to just let the homeless sleep wherever they wanted. It didn’t matter that this put the homeless and others in danger. In many blue states, the homeless are given free benefits, without requirements like entering drug rehab. In these same states, many drugs are legal, which has only encouraged homelessness.

DeSantis is trying to help families while providing a way out of homelessness for many Americans. Democrats seem content with letting Americans live on the streets. Doesn’t sound very compassionate to me.

Source: The Blaze