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After Heckler Challenges Hillary Clinton – She Has an Epic Meltdown on Live TV

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At the start of this year, some speculated that Hillary Clinton would once again run for president. It appears the failed candidate will not be running. Instead, she has thrown her weight for Joe Biden’s re-election.

Recently, she appeared at an event at Columbia University. The topic of the event was “human rights.” During the talk, Clinton was faced with answering for her support of President Biden.

An irate audience member accused Clinton of supporting a “warmonger.” Biden just recently demanded over $100 billion to fund wars in both Europe and the Middle East. Clinton’s answer did not satisfy the heckler–and it only got worse from there.

From Fox News:
Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faced off against a persistent heckler who demanded she comment on President Biden’s “warmongering” Oval Office speech…

“Can you please make a statement about President Joe Biden’s speech? This is a clearly warmongering speech!…” someone in the audience shouted said before Clinton interjected…

“Well, then sit down! We heard your opinion. Thank you very much,” Clinton attempted.

The man continued to shout down Clinton, claiming that he was “going to exercise” his free speech rights.

During a talk on human rights, a man confronted Hillary Clinton over Joe Biden’s support for wars in Ukraine and Israel. He accused Biden of “warmongering” and that his request for billions is “going to rush to World War III.”

The man seemingly insulted Clinton, who tried to interrupt him several times. She said the man should wait to have a conversation with her after the event. He did not believe she was going to wait to speak with him.

He claimed that Biden was “not speaking for the American people” and neither was Clinton. She then shouted at him to sit down. He refused, claiming he was going to use his free speech rights. Clinton then berated him for “disrupting” the event.

The heckler claimed that the event was not free speech but “people constructing narratives that are openly hypocritical.” He went on to call President Biden an “openly warmongering, suicidal and idiotic.”

The crowd reportedly applauded as the man left. It is unclear if he was escorted out of the event.

Clinton had been talking about “naming and shaming” countries that violate human rights. It seems that this man wanted her to “name and shame” President Biden for his actions supporting war around the world.

Source: Fox News