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After Kamala Harris Insults the Texas Governor – Abbott Responds by Sending the Vice-President 36 More Undocumenteds


What’s Happening:

It seemed Democrats were just fine letting border jumpers overrun Texas communities. When Gov. Abbott (and other leaders) started busing migrants to blue cities, the left melted down.

Kamala Harris even insulted the Texas governor, claiming he wasn’t contributing to the solution. She said this after Abbott reached out to both Harris and Biden, but was ignored.

So, has Texas been put in its place? Did Harris’s rebuke send Abbott running? Not even a little bit.

From Fox News:

A bus carrying 36 migrants arrived in Washington, D.C., Thursday morning outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ home.

Additionally, three more buses dropped off migrants at the Port Authority transit hub in New York City…

New York City has responded to the crisis in part by reportedly pulling over buses that were carrying migrants and attempting to get them taken off the road by searching for infractions such as low tire treads, fluid levels and poor windshield wiper placement.

LOL! After Harris slammed Gov. Abbott on TV, he responded by sending more migrants to her front door.

Democrats up North are getting so frustrated with these buses, that they are pulling them over and trying to find small reasons to ticket them.

This is how pathetic the left is getting.

They are so upset that Abbott and DeSantis (among others) are sending migrants up North. Yet they refuse to actually do the one thing to stop this problem: enforce the border.

Democrats like Kamala and New York Mayor Adams keep complaining that Southern states are sending a few dozen migrants to their towns.

But they never shed a tear when millions of border jumpers overran border communities. Human smuggling has become more lucrative than selling drugs, that the cartels are doing it more.

Yet Biden does absolutely nothing to enforce our immigration laws and deport criminals.

And Kamala has the nerve to say Abbott isn’t participating in the solution?

Just what kind of weed are they smoking!?

More and more migrants flood the border. The situation isn’t remotely sustainable. America cannot let in endless waves of outsiders and survive.

But Biden doesn’t seem to care, so long as he can exploit these souls for votes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Texas sent more buses to Kamala Harris’s house and New York City.
  • This comes after Harris insulted Gov. Abbott of Texas.
  • Millions of migrants have flooded the border, but Biden has done nothing.

Source: Fox News