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After Liberals Go After Pro-Trump Quaid – He Shocks Hollywood with Genius “A–hole” Vow


Recently, Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid celebrated Donald Trump. During an interview, he praised the Republican candidate for reaching people in their neighborhoods. Quaid, an icon in Hollywood for years, rocked the liberal boat with this comment.

You can just imagine the outrage from people online over this. Quaid respected Trump for his ability to go to (predominately liberal) neighborhoods in New York.

Now, the actor is doubling down on his comments. While leftists rage over Quaid’s compliments of Trump, he just dropped the gauntlet on the election. And he is revealing the biggest reason he is making such a critical statement.

From Fox News:
Dennis Quaid argued during a recent television interview that, rather than politics, it was the “weaponization of the justice system” and his policy record that ultimately convinced him to vote for former president Trump.

“People might call him an a–hole, but he’s my a–hole,” the Hollywood actor declared…

“I think I’m gonna vote for him in the next election,” the actor told host Piers Morgan of “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on Tuesday. “It just makes sense. I was ready not to vote for Trump, until what I saw is, more than politics, I see a weaponization of our justice system and a challenge to our Constitution.”

Dennis Quaid revealed on Piers Morgan’s show that he will vote for Trump in the election. The actor said he was not going to vote for the Republican until he saw what Democrats were doing to him through the courts. Quaid called the many legal cases being thrown at Trump “a weaponization of our justice system.”

He also called it a “challenge to our Constitution.” Many people have commented on the ridiculous number of lawsuits being pushed onto Trump this year. They have coined the term “lawfare” to describe how Democrats are abusing the justice system against the former president.

We have never seen these kinds of attacks against a former president and current presidential candidate. Democrats impeached Trump over a suspicious phone call in 2019. Yet Biden is going above and beyond what they had accused Trump of doing—using the Justice Department to derail his top rival’s election chances.

Quaid isn’t the only American shocked at this behavior. Many Americans, regardless of political affiliation, are sickened to see how Democrats are acting. Biden keeps saying Trump is a threat to democracy. Yet, it is Biden who appears to be trying to steal the election, through lawfare.

Who knows how many Americans end up voting for Trump, just because of that?

Key Takeaways:

  • Dennis Quaid said he is voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming election.
  • The actor said he wasn’t going to until he saw Democrats “weaponize” the justice system against him.
  • Many Americans claim the criminal trials against Trump are “lawfare.”

Source: Fox News