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After New Years Scandal Rocks Harvard President – Woke Liberal Suffers Brutal Karma


One of the Ivy League’s elitist presidents faced another round of accusations questioning her integrity. The New Year started off with multiple revelations that Harvard President Claudine Gay allegedly wasn’t being honest about her skills that got her the job.

Now she’s out of a job after resigning today. Her past caught up with her amidst pressure from donors and students that she take a permanent hike.

Before ditching her Harvard post Gay faced six new plagiarism charges in an academic scandal that slammed one of the most elite universities in America. Reports of her alleged lack of integrity showed she faced dozens of plagiarism accusations.

From Fox News:
The total number of plagiarism allegations against Gay are near 50, or “half of Gay’s published works,” according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The charges included a claim that Gay lifted “nearly half a page of material verbatim from another scholar, David Canon, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin.”

Gay resigned today after mounting plagiarism charges coupled with calls for her to step down after weeks of allegations regarding her performance in handling antisemitism on campus. The calls for her resignation were loud and clear with Harvard Crimson opinion writers Brooks Anderson and Joshua Kaplan fueling the debate.

“Harvard’s presidency is no mere empty honor; it is a deeply challenging managerial job with deeply challenging duties, not least of which is navigating national outcry,” the duo wrote. “In each of these respects, Gay has failed. The Harvard Corporation must find a leader who can do better.”

The latest plagiarism charges were not included in the Harvard Corporation’s December review of Gay’s published works, according to the Free Beacon.

A complaint filed against Gay, the outlet reported, called for an investigation to be “opened to determine whether any Harvard personnel subject to the policy on research misconduct failed to report ‘observed, suspected, or apparent research misconduct’ by Claudine Gay” to the Research Integrity body at Harvard.

Conservatives reacted strongly to news that Gay resigned. House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) previously questioned Gay during a House panel that called out presidents of elite universities for their reactions to antisemitism on college campuses.

“The resignation of Harvard’s antisemitic plagiarist president is long overdue,” Stefanik said. “Claudine Gay’s morally bankrupt answers to my questions made history as the most viewed Congressional testimony in the history of the U.S. Congress. Her answers were absolutely pathetic and devoid of the moral leadership and academic integrity required of the President of Harvard.”

The Harvard Crimson reported that Gay’s term at the helm will go down as the shortest Harvard presidency in the university’s history.

Source: Fox News