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After Speaker Johnson Dooms Border Bill – Mitch McConnell Drops Bombshell Response


This week, Senate Democrats unveiled a bill meant to address the border crisis. Quickly, Republicans were outraged. The bill demands three times more money for Ukraine than the U.S. border.

The bill, according to critics, does not go far enough to stop the millions of migrants who are entering the country illegally.

Senate Republicans have slammed GOP leadership, including Mitch McConnell for supporting the bill. And now, Republican leaders in the House have made their stance on this bill clear.

From Daily Wire:
Top House Republicans shot down the border bill that was unveiled in the U.S. Senate on Monday, saying that it was dead on arrival if it makes it to the lower chamber of Congress…

“House Republicans oppose the Senate immigration bill because it fails in every policy area needed to secure our border and would actually incentivize more illegal immigration.”

Speaker Johnson and other House Republicans exposed what appear to be many flaws in the Senate border bill. They claimed it would actually encourage illegal immigration by, among other things, providing work authorization for illegal aliens.

Opposition to the Democrat-led bill is only increasing. And now, Senate Republicans—including the man who co-authored the bill—have been forced to turn on it. Mitch McConnell, who previously demanded Republicans to vote for it, is now backing down.

From Breitbart:
Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made the shocking decision to recommend Republicans block the advancement of the Senate pro-migration border bill…

Even [GOP Sen.] Lankford, who continued championing the deal leading up to Monday night’s Senate Republican Conference meeting, would not say after the meeting if he would vote to move forward Wednesday on the deal he negotiated, according to the Huffington Post.

Mitch McConnell is doing a 180 and is urging Republicans to block the advancement of Democrats’ border bill. Just a few days ago, McConnell was calling on all Senate Republicans to support the bill.

It seems outrage from the party—as well as from Americans who have heard about this bill—is forcing McConnell to back down. Calls for McConnell to be replaced likely provoked him to make this move. Not to mention House Republicans’ vow to shoot it down.

Without Republican support, the bill will be unable to break through the 60-vote threshold.

Source: Daily WireBreitbart