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After Top Democrat Insults Riley Gaines – She Nails Them with Genius 1-Word Insult of Her Own


Women have been fighting for rights for generations and today’s caustic culture clashes have made it difficult for women’s voices to be heard. The war of words has made its way to the highest halls of U.S. politics.

There are women political leaders who don’t support the same values and ideals held by many American women. This was highlighted during a U.S. House Oversight Subcommittee on Health when a ranking member insulted women who were testifying in support of women’s issues.

The confrontation revolved around concerns about biological males playing in women’s sports. Witness testimony was disparaged by Rep. Summer Lee (D-PA), who has been dubbed a “Squad” Democrat member. Lee described the women’s testimonies as “transphobic.” The verbal insult riled NCAA swimming legend and women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines.

From Fox News:
“Inclusion cannot be prioritized over safety and fairness,” the NCAA legend concluded in her opening remarks. “And ranking member Lee, if my testimony makes me ‘transphobic,’ then I believe your opening monologue makes you a misogynist.”

Lee apparently took offense and called for a point of order. She wanted Gaines’ response struck from the record, but the request was withdrawn after some discussion. Gaines was not afraid to call out the issue of biological males in women’s sports.

“There’s a place for everybody to play sports in this country,” Gaines said, noting transgender Americans were included in her view. “But unsafe, unfair and discriminatory practices must stop.”

Testimony before the subcommittee centered on a Title IX rule change proposed by the Biden administration. The change would expand the definition of sexual discrimination to include gender identity. This would effectively stop a school or college from banning transgender athletes from competing.

Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI), the House Oversight Subcommittee on Health chairwoman, brought in the group of witnesses speaking out for women’s rights in sports. McClain has set another hearing next week to discuss “The Importance of Protecting Female Athletics and Title IX” with these witnesses returning.

“Congress must do everything it can to protect women’s sports,” McClain told Fox News Digital last week. “The Biden administration is putting women’s safety, privacy and opportunities at risk by dismantling Title IX.”

Gaines will be joined by Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow Sarah Parshall Perry, and former Oberlin College head women’s lacrosse coach Kim Russell at the hearing next week. Gaines, a two-time Olympic swimming trial qualifier, has been a vocal supporter of women’s sports and heavily criticized Biden’s Title IX proposal.

Source: Fox News