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After Top Journalist ‘Glorifies’ Hamas – Israel Takes Swift and Decisive Action


Recently, the prime minister of Israel blasted Western news outlets. He called them out for hiring photographers that recorded the horrific events of October 7th, alongside Hamas terrorists.

Those outlets included Reuters, the Associated Press, CNN, and the New York Times. The report raised awareness of the trend of MSM companies hiring anti-Israel journalists in the Middle East.

NBC News reportedly hired a Palestinian journalist to cover events in Israel. But it came to light this woman was posting messages in favor of the terror group Hamas. So, the Israeli government took action.

From The New York Post:
Mirvat al-Azzeh, who lives in East Jerusalem, was jailed Thursday after sharing four recent Facebook posts regarding Hamas’ sneak attack on Israel on Oct. 7…

…police described them at a hearing at the Jerusalem Magistrate Court as “inciting and glorying the horrible acts committed against civilians,” per the outlet…

NBC News had hired Azzeh as a freelance producer around Oct. 21, according to an NBC source close to the situation.

As recent as October 21, American mainstream media outlets were hiring pro-Palestinian journalists who seemingly sided with Israel’s enemies. Mirvat al-Azzeh worked for NBC News. Her most recent byline was on a November 12 report of the conditions within a Gaza City hospital.

But it came to light that she shared at least four posts on Facebook that seemed to celebrate the Hamas attack. According to authorities, these posts were “inciting and glorying” what Hamas did on October 7th.

The network was quick to distance itself from the journalist. But critics will still ask why American media outlets are hiring Palestinians in the first place. If they want unbiased news on the war, is it likely they’ll get it from the group that is largely opposed to Israel?

In the past, American media sent reporters to war-torn lands to get the full story. But today, there appear to be only a few American reporters actually on the scene. Mainstream media outlets are hiring people will possible biases against Israel–making their reporting uncredible.

Some might say the MSM is doing this on purpose, given how left-leaning these outlets have become. Progressives in America are largely opposed to Israel’s response to the October 7th attacks. Far-left Democrats have even gone as far as to blame Israel for what happened, accusing it of “oppressing” the Palestinian people.

Source: The New York Post