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After Traitor Cheney Campaigns for Democrat – Her Actions Backfire As Slotkin’s Poll Numbers Take a Dive

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At this point, nobody should believe Liz Cheney is a Republican. She needs to be kicked off of GOP committees and shut out from strategy meetings–if she’s still invited. Because ever since she turned on Trump she has become an increasingly vocal supporter of the liberal establishment.

She appeared in an attack ad against Republican candidate Kari Lake. And now, she visited a congressional Democrat to boost her close race against a GOP rival. Cheney is going out of her way to help her supposed rival party–vowing to knock Republicans out of power.

Just say you’re a Democrat, Liz. Stop pretending you’re a conservative.

Because, just like a Democrat, she is failing miserably.

From Daily Wire:

A survey conducted Wednesday of 402 likely voters in Michigan’s 7th Congressional District showed Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) in a dead heat with Republican challenger Tom Barrett. The new poll from Mitchell Research/MIRS suggests a huge drop in support for Slotkin in recent weeks…

The most recent survey of the House race was conducted the day after Cheney traveled to the Great Lakes State to speak at a campaign event in support of the Michigan Democrat. Cheney focused her speech on restoring a republic she believes has been damaged by many in the Republican Party.

Okay, so let’s look at the numbers. Democrat Slotkin was winning against Republican Tom Barrett. Just a short time ago, she was leading by 18 points. The lead has quickly eroded in recent weeks.

But soon after Cheney showed up to help this liberal, her lead entirely vanished. She is now in a dead heat with Barrett, whatever advantage she had entirely evaporated. Just happened the day after Cheney showed up to “help.”

Lol, that is really great. Cheney thought she could somehow help a Democrat candidate–despite the fact she is hated by her own party. Do Democrats respect a turncoat Republican, or even listen to one?

Obviously not. Cheney’s influence is having the opposite effect she wanted. It looks like voters are breaking away from Slotkin in favor of the candidate Cheney was attacking.

Serves her right. Cheney is hated by Republicans and dismissed by Democrats. Because of her betrayal, nobody likes her. She is even a detriment to the party she so eagerly wants to impress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liz Cheney campaigned for Democrat Elissa Slotkin.
  • The next day, Slotkin’s numbers dropped putting her in a dead heat with Republican Barrett.
  • Slotkin lost an 18-point advantage over her rival since the summer.

Source: Daily Wire