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Biden Buddy Slips Up Big Time – Accidentally Dooms Joe with 5 Brutal Words


The border crisis has been raging since the start of the Biden administration. Yet for a long time, Democrats have seemingly ignored it. In fact, top Biden officials have claimed there was no crisis. The president himself seemed unconcerned for years.

Only as the problem’s reached a breaking point, have Democrats suddenly started talking about it. Even then, Democrats in Congress only tried to use the situation to get more money… for Ukraine.

Many believe Biden can’t get reelected if the crisis remains the way it is. The co-chair to his campaign, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, tried to spin the problem as being the fault of Republicans. But while doing so, she seemed to throw Joe under the bus.

From Breitbart:
Later, Gutierrez asked, “Did Democrats wait too long to seize on the immigration issue?”

Whitmer responded, “I am not going to be able to answer that question other than to say everyone has waited too long. This is a problem that has vexed our country for a long, long time. I am proud that President Biden was the one that put a real solution on the table, and we need to pressure Congress, both parties, to get to that table and get it done.”

It seems Biden’s co-chair’s only job is to spin propaganda for the Democrat candidate. Whitmer spent time blaming Republicans for the crisis that started on Biden’s watch. She claimed Democrats “actually put a solution on the table.”

If she is referring to the “border” bill proposed by Democrats in the Senate, she is certainly spinning things. That bill did arguably nothing for the border. Instead, it provided more security for foreign nations like Ukraine than for America’s border. Republicans even claimed it would have made the situation worse.

Then Whitmer fumbled when asked if Democrats waited too long. She stated that “everyone” waited too long. It’s clear that Republicans didn’t wait at all. They have been raising the alarm about the crisis since the beginning. They warned it would happen.

Texas has been fighting to end it since 2021. But if anyone’s waited too long, it seems to be Joe Biden. Whitmer is accidentally admitting that Democrats failed to deal with the problem when there was time to do so. Now, over 7 million illegal aliens have entered the country.

Unless part of Biden’s solution is to get those migrants deported, he is not putting anything on the table that comes close to a solution.

Source: Breitbart