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Biden Hatches His Most Insane Plot Yet – This Craziness Is Going to Happen in 2 Big Cities


It is no secret that, under President Biden, over 7 million migrants have illegally entered the country. These aliens have been bused to nearly all corners of the country, radically changing the demographics of communities and cities.

Blue cities are overwhelmed. Yet Biden has not shut the border, despite vows to do so, and has continued to provide benefits to countless illegal aliens.

Many Republicans accuse Biden of trying to use this massive flood of humanity to game the system. Some believe Democrats will use these migrants to sway the 2024 Election, even in states that have strict election laws. Now, Biden appears to be confirming that claim, with this shocking new plan.

From Fox News:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is eyeing a summer rollout for a controversial ID card pilot program for illegal immigrants being released into the U.S. And the agency hopes it will modernize the documentation process for removal proceedings…

ICE confirmed to Fox News Digital this week the pilot program is expected to commence this summer with the distribution of approximately 10,000 cards…

A source familiar with the program told Fox Houston and Atlanta were two potential locations.

The agency said the program will “modernize documentation provided to some noncitizens” but stressed it would not be an official form of federal ID.

Biden’s ICE is rolling out a plan to give 10,000 illegal immigrants ID cards. The agency claims that these cards are not “an official form of federal ID.” Yet the cards themselves (according to photos—see below) look as official as a driver’s license.

On top of that, Biden is eyeing the cities of Houston and Atlanta to start this program. Houston is a liberal-leaning region in a deep-red state. Atlanta is much the same in a red, swing state. It would be naive for anyone to think Biden isn’t trying to give aliens ID in two states with ID requirements and other election security measures.

Democrat activists will be able to register these migrants to vote. And they will not be able to turn them away when they have an official-looking federal ID card when they show up at the polls (and Democrats will make sure they show up at the polls during the election).

These are literally photo IDs with official language and U.S. government seals. For anyone to think this isn’t an attempt at legitimizing illegal immigration—and giving them access to voting and other U.S. resources—is dreaming.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden is rolling out a program to provide illegal aliens U.S.-issued ID cards.
  • He plans to give 10,000 aliens these cards, in Houston and Atlanta.
  • This comes as critics accuse Biden of trying to use illegals to sway the election.

Source: Fox News