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Biden Suffers Shock White House Flub – You Won’t Believe What He Called This Sports Champion


What kind of day would it be if Biden didn’t screw up while speaking? It just wouldn’t seem normal after years of the president stumbling and mumbling as he tries to present a string of coherent words.

Biden’s handlers continued to cringer in response to how the president can screw up the most basic public appearance. The White House is a controlled environment with no pressure from the public or the press. Yet Biden continues to muck up his opportunities to impress the people.

The latest Biden flub occurred when he paraded before champion women athletes during a ceremony. Biden couldn’t keep straight the difference between the professional women and their roles on the court.

From Fox News:
President Biden welcomed the back-to-back reigning WNBA champions, the Las Vegas Aces, to the White House on Thursday but made a flub in his speech.

Recently retired Candace Parker was a member of the squad, playing in 18 games during the season.

She did not make the trip to the nation’s capital, but Biden made sure to single her out. However, he called her “one of the greatest all-time coaches” in WNBA history. Parker has not coached a game.

“And while she couldn’t be here, I want to acknowledge someone who will be considered one of the greatest all-time coaches, Candace Parker,” Biden said, followed by applause.

Parker did not play in the playoffs, but still earned her third championship ring as a player. She finished a stellar career after playing 16 seasons in the league and earning two Olympic gold medals. She was also twice named MVP for the season and earned an MVP title once during the league finals.

Biden’s gaffe about Parker was followed by his feeble attempt to equate himself to successful champions like the Aces. He joked that he wanted to achieve success like the basketball team by going back-to-back in winning his reelection bid.

The Las Vegas Aces defeated the New York Liberty in the WNBA championship in October to win their second consecutive WNBA title.

Biden pandered to the partisan crowd by alluding to his support of women’s sports.

“It matters to girls and women, finally seeing themselves represented,” Biden said during the celebration, held in the East Room of the White House. “It matters to all Americans. That’s why as a nation, we need to support women’s sports.”

The comments were in contrast to how he really supports women in sports. His incessant pandering to certain voter demographics by allowing biological males in sports for girls and women doesn’t live up to what he said during his latest gaffe session.

Source: Fox News