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Biden Turns Heads Across Nation with White House Gesture – Joe Mocks Constitutional Rights and America’s Free Press


What’s Happening:

We know full well that Joe Biden is being “handled” by his White House staff. Far too many times we’ve seen his people ensure that the “president” didn’t say or do anything to make him look bad. Most of the time, though, they fail.

How badly have they failed? Well, most Americans have little confidence in Joe. Many think he is suffering from mental decline. But with critical elections just days away, the White House is stepping up its efforts to shield the public from Biden’s idiocy.

But of course, Joe made that very difficult to do.

From Fox News:

President Biden appeared to mock reporters as they shouted questions at him during a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog at the White House on Wednesday…

Biden could be seen imitating reporters, raising his eyebrows and moving his mouth to silently mimic talking. The president was also seen laughing and slapping his knee before reporters were escorted out of the room.

As usual, Biden sat and stared at the media, refusing even to answer one question. According to one reporter, White House staff were screaming at reporters, to prevent their questions from reaching Joe. That’s not even the first time they’ve done that!

Joe mocks the media, knowing he has been told not to answer any questions. Biden has a long history of showing disdain for reporters who actually challenge him with real questions. But now, he has been ordered by his White House handlers not to say anything, to avoid embarrassment.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he never shied away from the media. Even the dishonest, liberal media he tolerated, often staying longer to answer all their questions. He was tough with them, but he never just sat there making faces like a deranged senior citizen.

Most Americans have a low opinion of the mainstream media. The media did that to themselves with years of biased reporting. But what Joe is doing here is downright un-American. The First Amendment protects the freedom of the press. And the White House should be the first entity to respect and uphold a free press.

Instead, Biden appears more and more like a dictator who refuses to answer to the media or to the public. And he mocks us as he does it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden mocked reporters as White House staff forced them out of a meeting.
  • Reporters revealed staffers screamed in reporters’ faces to stop them from asking questions.
  • This isn’t the first time Biden’s refused to answer questions, staring at reporters mockingly.

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