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Biden’s Dirty New Year’s Secret Is Out – And Americans Won’t Let Him Forget This


Hot off the heels of his Christmas vacation, President Biden has just left for another trip. He will be spending New Year’s in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Biden has been repeatedly criticized for spending so much of his time in office on vacations. To date, he has spent 418 days on vacation, while president.

That alone is enough to upset many Americans. But word is coming out that, while Biden’s been jetting off on trips, he has neglected one town he once promised to help.

From Breitbart:
President Joe Biden exited the White House on Wednesday and claimed his 418th vacation day to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands to put his feet up for New Year’s. East Palestine, Ohio, residents are basking in no such luxury.

A full eight months later residents have told New York Times reporter Erica L. Green they feel ignored by a man who took office proudly proclaiming himself as  “working class Joe,” echoing complaints that have been growing since the catastrophe.

Back in February of 2023, East Palestine, OH was hit with a devastating train derailment. Toxic chemicals ended up in their water and ground. Biden’s head of the DOT, Pete Buttigieg, was heavily criticized for his agency’s response.

But months have passed and Biden has yet to visit the town. Locals reveal they feel neglected, even abandoned, by the administration. Some wonder why Biden can spend billions to help Ukraine fight Russia, but refuses to help Americans.

Others pointed out that Biden flew to Michigan to support picketing union workers, but has yet to visit East Palestine. Michigan is a key swing state, which might be the reason Joe prioritized it over Ohio.

Republicans have been merciless over Biden’s constant vacationing. He has spent over a year of his four-year term on personal trips. Some might wonder what Biden actually does as president if he spends so much time not working.

Many of the residents of East Palestine voted for Biden. Now, they say they feel overlooked. Problems continue to persist for this community, and it does not look as if the Biden administration is doing enough to help.

Source: Breitbart