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Biden’s Dirty Secret Comes Spilling out – And Now Everyone is Hammering the President for It


Americans have been shocked by the anti-Israel sentiment spreading across our country. Students at major universities have sided against Israel, calling the democratic nation an “apartheid state.” Radical groups like BLM chapters have defended the actions of Hamas, who killed over 1,400 civilians.

Marches by pro-Palestinian groups keep happening in cities across America. Progressives apparently spread misinformation downplaying Hamas’s murderous actions and slandering Israel.

But these scandalous developments seem to go all the way to the top. Joe Biden might be supporting Israel, but many within his own administration do not. And now, a new report is revealing the anti-Israel attitude that is systemic within the White House.

From Just the News:
Even as President Joe Biden touts his support for Israel, many of his appointees have expressed anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments, even after Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and killed more than 1,400 people…

ZOA has identified dozens of current and former Biden administration officials with a history of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic comments.

Zionist Organization of America has released a report accusing Biden of appointing “the most anti-Semitic” officials to important posts in his administration. The organization compiled a list of dozens of current or former Biden officials who have a “history of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic comments.”

The group accused Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken of having anti-Israel attitudes. Blinken opposed sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps–despite its ongoing opposition to Israel.

Biden’s National Security Council senior intelligence director Maher Bitar is also on the list. While attending Georgetown, Bitar led Students for Justice in Palestine. The group hosted a meeting discussing how to “demonize Israel in the minds of Christians.” He has also called the founding of Israel a “catastrophe.”

The White House Legislative Affairs deputy director Reema Dodin once called Palestinian suicide bombings against Israelis “the last resort of a desperate people.” The group also pointed out many of Biden’s campaign staff who “expressed anti-Israel sentiments.”

There is ample evidence that the progressive left opposes Israel and seemingly endorses efforts by Palestine and others to oppose it. Moderate Democrats and liberals do not appear to share these views and have become increasingly vocal against progressives, in the aftermath of the Hamas attack.

Yet Biden continues to align himself with the far-left, and those who appear to want Israel punished.

Source: Just the News