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Biden’s Latest Speech Leaves the World Dumbstruck – Jaw-Dropping Gaffes Send Dems into Panic


Joe Biden’s latest attempt to prove his competence is like trying to patch a sinking ship with duct tape. The President, already under fire for his disastrous debate performance, tried to regain some footing at the NATO summit.

But, unsurprisingly, Biden’s speech was peppered with the usual gaffes and blunders that have become his unfortunate trademark.

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Biden gave a disastrous debate performance two weeks ago, prompting some Democrats to demand he step down as the 2024 nominee. Despite the clear dip in the polls, Biden remains defiant. His camp hoped that a strong showing at the NATO summit would quell the growing doubts about his mental acuity and fitness for office. Instead, it added fuel to the fire.

The US President began with some strong words on Ukraine, but as usual, he started stumbling throughout the speech.

From YouTube/Sky News Australia:
Author Douglas Murray has raised concern about US President Joe Biden after he struggled to get through his NATO summit speech.“You can’t really pretend that this is a man at the height of his powers or even with any real powers – it’s very sad,” Mr. Murray told Sky News host Danica De Giorgio.

The President’s repeated gaffes have become a point of concern not just for Republicans but for everyone who values competent leadership. It’s not just about age; it’s about the ability to perform the duties of the highest office in the land.

Douglas Murray pointed out the cruel reality: “The people who support the Democrats in America or would like to vote against Trump should just reflect on what their instinct is – when they see something like that, do they think this guy has got another four years in him.”

The Family’s Role in Biden’s Decline

Murray didn’t hold back in criticizing Biden’s family, especially Jill and Hunter Biden, for not urging him to step down. From YouTube/Sky News Australia: “Or do they think, as many of us do, this is cruel of Jill Biden and Hunter Biden and the rest of the family not to be saying to him ‘step down now Joe, allow a new generation to come in, leave with some dignity, protect your legacy and pass the baton on’ – it’s cruel that they’re not saying that.”

It’s a sentiment shared by many who are watching this unfold. Keeping Biden in the race feels like a late empire problem, one where those in power are unwilling to face reality. Murray aptly noted, “Feels like a late empire problem, and I hope it’s not.”

Biden’s Defiance and the Democratic Dilemma

Despite the clear signs of decline, Biden remains defiant. His camp hoped that a NATO speech would prove his competence to naysayers, and while some commentators said it was strong and clear, it still contained gaffes and mistakes. This has left the Democrats in a tricky position. They need to rally behind a strong candidate, but Biden’s continued missteps make it hard to justify keeping him as the frontrunner.

The media has been complicit in downplaying Biden’s issues, often glossing over his gaffes or explaining them away as minor slip-ups. But the cracks are starting to show, and even some in the mainstream media are beginning to acknowledge the problem. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the elephant in the room.

Looking Forward

As Biden continues to make public appearances, the scrutiny will only increase. Each speech, each debate, each public outing will be dissected for signs of cognitive decline. The Democratic Party needs to decide if they will continue to back Biden or if they will listen to voices like Douglas Murray and look for a new candidate who can inspire confidence and lead effectively.

Biden’s NATO summit speech was supposed to be a demonstration of strength, a rebuttal to those questioning his fitness for office. Instead, it became another example of why those questions are being asked in the first place. The Democrats need to face reality before it’s too late.

As a conservative, it’s hard to watch this unfold without a sense of vindication. We’ve been pointing out these issues for years, and now, even some on the left are starting to see the light. Biden’s continued gaffes and blunders are not just embarrassing; they’re a sign that the country needs new leadership. It’s time for the Democrats to acknowledge that and take action before it’s too late.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden’s NATO speech contained multiple gaffes, raising concerns about his mental fitness.
  • Douglas Murray criticized Biden’s family for not urging him to step down.
  • The media has been complicit in downplaying Biden’s issues, but cracks are starting to show.

Answer to Trivia Question: Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Source: Fox News