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Biden’s Most Disturbing Secret Comes Out – And It’s Terrible News for the Entire World


Critics have been merciless to the Biden administration, in the wake of the Hamas attack on Israel. Reports indicate that, among the groups funding Hamas, is Iran–the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.

Just one month ago, Biden unfroze $6 billion in assets for the rogue regime. Some have suggested that Iran used this money to fund the terror attack. Even Secretary of State Blinken admitted Iran “always” uses its funds to support terrorism.

This news could outrage Americans, including those who lost loved ones in the Hamas attack. But now, critics are revealing that the total amount Biden’s given to Iran dwarfs $6 billion.

From Daily Wire:
“Look, it’s not even just this $6 billion, which clearly is going to further enrich Iran,” [Former Director of National Intelligence John] Ratcliffe said. “It’s closer to $60 billion. If you look at what the Biden administration has done to help this Islamic terrorist regime in Iran by [stopping enforcement of] sanctions, by lifting restrictions, by allowing Iranian oil to increase by 650% over the last year from 400,000 barrels of oil a day to 3 million barrels of oil a day – all of this has strengthened” the Iranian regime.

According to reports, leaders in Iran helped Hamas plan their attack and even gave their final approval on the Monday before the attack. Biden has faced strong criticism over his possible role in helping Iran gain funds to stage this attack.

President Trump’s former DNI Director John Ratcliffe claimed that Biden helped provide $60 billion to Iran, not $6 billion. He got that money by adding up sanctions Biden lifted from Iran, which freed the nation up to sell oil.

Ratcliffe estimated Iran was able to increase oil sales by 650%, thanks to the Biden administration. The rogue nation is currently producing 3 million barrels of oil a day, up from 400,000.

The former official also criticized Biden for his waning support of Israel. While Biden appeared to be giving Israel the cold shoulder, his administration was “begging” Iran to craft a new nuclear deal. He accused Biden of trying to appease Iran, which empowered them to stage the attack.

It’s unclear what kind of fallout Biden will face, in light of the current conflict. Critics have heavily rebuked Biden’s failed foreign policy, from Afghanistan to Ukraine. If this war rages on for a while, the toll on America’s strongest ally in the Middle East could be incalculable.

If Americans believe Biden is partly responsible for this carnage, it could doom his presidency.

Source: Daily Wire