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BLM Founder Arrested After Threatening Cop At Courthouse


Watch: BLM Founder Hank Newsome Arrested After Confronting Cop With Vile Tirade, Threats At Courthouse

The founder of Black Lives Matter Greater NY, Hank Newsome, found himself in handcuffs at a Bronx courthouse following a fiery altercation caught on camera with a law enforcement officer.

Newsome’s towering figure was seen aggressively confronting the officer inside the courthouse, unleashing a torrent of expletives.

He yelled, “You think I’m scared of you? You must be out of your f****** mind!” 

He continued to loom over the officer with his 6ft 6in frame. “You p***y! You see how I’m all up on you? You’re a vagina! A f*** vagina!” he blurted.

Social media footage captured the confrontation escalating into a shoving match, prompting court officials to intervene. 

Newsome, who has also been called “BLM BurgerMan,” was subsequently apprehended, according to CBS per Daily Mail, and issued three summonses for disorderly conduct and obstructing governmental administration.

Councilwoman Vickie Paladino spoke out on the altercation between Newsome and the police officer, voicing her concerns on social media.

“If you are within reach of an officer’s firearm and behaving in an unambiguously hostile and threatening manner like this, you should be tased at the very least,” Paladino said.

“Lethal force should not be out of the question either if tasers are ineffective and he situation escalates,” she continued, adding, “Criminals used to understand that actions like this crossed a line and would lead to bad outcomes… It’s a very dangerous game, enabled by progressives who cheer the chaos.”

Law enforcement officials emphasized, “In light of escalating situations where tasers prove ineffective, the consideration of employing lethal force must remain on the table.” 

Authorities then expressed concern over the incident, adding, “The tolerance for such egregious behavior towards our police force is untenable.”

“Any display of acquiescence to such blatant aggression only serves to embolden perpetrators, amplifying the inherent risks of the job,” they continued, further lamenting, “There was once a clear understanding among criminals that certain actions bore severe consequences. However, the current climate fosters a sense of impunity, emboldening further transgressions.”

They attributed this shift to a lack of repercussions, asserting, “Now, offenders recognize the absence of accountability and exploit it with impunity. It’s a perilous dynamic, exacerbated by the endorsement of chaos by progressive factions.”

Further investigation into Newsome’s record revealed outstanding summonses from previous years. 

Newsome underwent an arraignment process following his arrest where these older summonses were addressed and nullified.

The BLM founder defended his actions outside the courthouse. “I’m not going to sit here and say that I wasn’t vocal. I care a lot. Yes, I was vocal. I care a lot. A man was hit in the head with a cooler and killed,” he stated. 

His remarks referred to the case he was attending the courthouse to observe, involving Sgt. Erik Duran, who stands accused of fatally injuring Eric Duprey by throwing a water cooler at him during a drug bust last August.

Daily Mail reported that Sgt. Duran, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, was operating undercover in the Bronx Narcotics Division at the time of the incident.

He was conducting a buy-and-bust operation on Aqueduct Avenue. 

Police reports say Duprey allegedly sold drugs to the plain-clothed officer before attempting to flee, leading to the fatal confrontation.

The impact of the cooler, filled with soda cans, proved fatal as it caused the suspect to lose control of his scooter, colliding with a parked Jeep.

Newsome, a former project manager at a law firm, transitioned to full-time activism. He articulated in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail in 2020 that the Black Lives Matter movement’s objective was to cultivate a proficient “military” arm aimed at confronting police brutality directly, particularly in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.