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Blue City Makes Wild Israel Demand – Then They Get Wrecked for What They Left Out


Soon after terror group Hamas murdered 1,200 helpless Israeli citizens, progressives around the world spoke out. But they did not condemn the evil acts of October 7th.

Instead, many progressive Democrats sided with anti-Israel groups, blaming Israel for the horrific actions of terrorists.

Since then, far-left Democrats have called on President Biden to withdraw support for Israel. Now, an entire city council just voted in support of a move that could empower Hamas. And they refused to do this one thing.

From Breitbart:
The Oakland City Council adopted a resolution Monday night demanding a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas — while rejecting amendments condemning Hamas for terrorism against civilians…

It claims that “sixty six percent” of Americans support a ceasefire, citing a left-wing poll, and ignoring the fact that Rasmussen Reports found exactly the opposite result — that 68% of Americans oppose a ceasefire as a surrender to Hamas and its terrorism.

The city council of Oakland, CA voted unanimously to demand a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The resolution was passed 8-0. It rejected amendments that would have condemned Hamas’s October 7th attack.

The council quotes a poll that appears to contradict many reports, claiming 66% of Americans want a ceasefire. A Rasmussen Reports poll showed the exact opposite, that 68% of Americans do not support a ceasefire that empowers the terror group.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently condemned a ceasefire, explaining it would give Hamas time to regroup and attack Israel again. Despite this, progressives continue to side with the Palestinians and spread anti-Israel sentiments.

Critics will surely wonder how Oakland thinks this resolution will do anything to affect a war thousands of miles away. Israel has agreed to a temporary ceasefire, but they have vowed to eradicate Hamas after what it did. It is unlikely the nation of Israel, which has fought to exist for decades, will listen to the demands of a crumbling, left-wing American city.

Oakland has been called a “failed progressive utopia” with some of the highest rates of crime, homelessness, and drug addiction in the country. Much like other blue cities, it has embraced progressive policies that left its police department defunded and criminals released from jail.

Source: Breitbart