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Blue State Action Leaves America Speechless – Guess What They’re Spending Nearly $1 Billion On


All it took was for Donald Trump to mention the idea of building a wall at the southern border to send liberals into a panic. They quickly threatened to open up their cities as sanctuaries to all who wanted to come.

The overflow of illegal immigrants into these sanctuary cities across the country has liberal leaders changing their tune. The open invitations appear to be mostly rescinded and liberals are devising expensive plans to keep the migrants away from their residents.

The expense of these plans falls squarely on the backs of hard working, taxpaying Americans. The prime example of the lavish amount of money liberals are letting loose comes from Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healy.

From the Daily Caller:
Massachusetts is poised to spend close to $1 billion on “emergency shelters” in fiscal year 2025 to combat an uptick in migrants coming to the state on top of rising housing costs.

Healy’s administration revealed a report showing the $915,000,000 projected price tag for emergency housing, according to the state’s secretaries of finance and housing. The figure includes costs for shelter, staffing, health services, workforce support, and various other services.

Massachusetts maintains an emergency shelter system, according to the Daily Caller, that has maxed out at 7,500 families and is expected to run $224,000,000 over budget for fiscal year 2024. The emergency housing waitlist continues to grow in the state.

Local media attributed the shelter crisis to the large inflow of migrants coupled with high housing costs across the state and in the greater Boston area. Reports also showed that Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren suggested the federal government may be needed to help deal with the housing crisis.

That means a double whammy of taxes for Massachusetts residents who will foot the nearly $1 billion bill from state coffers along with any federal funds that come from taxpayers across the nation.

Source: Daily Caller