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Blue State Just Admitted Defeat – Leftist Holy Grail Crumbles After Historic Vote


Blue states are running headfirst into a Marxist brick wall. Despite watching socialism fail again and again around the world, increasingly progressive state legislatures push this system. In some states, they want to bankrupt residents with things like reparations, a $30 minimum wage, and the like.

One state is the poster child for ill-conceived socialist ideas. For years, it has burned through taxpayer dollars to create a “Marxist utopia.”

Big surprise, they are out of money. They had a windfall when the federal government gave it billions in 2020. Now, they might not be able to pay for regular programs and services. And the leftist lawmakers are admitting that something they’ve been promising for years will not happen.

From Breitbart:
The Democrat-dominated California state legislature has once again rejected a proposal to create a single-payer health care system — socialized medicine, or so-called “Medicare for All” — due to the high cost amid budget deficits…

The latest attempt to bring a single-payer healthcare system to California failed in the state Legislature on Thursday, undercut by its steep price tag as lawmakers struggle with a mounting budget shortfall…

CalCare was projected to annually cost the state $392 billion. Meanwhile, California is grappling with a $45-billion deficit.

California’s leftist legislature has admitted defeat, again, over trying to create socialized medicine. The so-called “Medicare for All” plan was shelved, simply because it cost too much.

The blue state is facing a crippling $45 billion budget deficit. They can’t even pay for the services they are already providing. And the federal government can’t keep bailing them out every year.

Yet, the single-payer healthcare system would have cost California $400 billion a year. Something tells me that’s a modest estimate (considering how people will flock to the state for free healthcare, ballooning costs). If you can’t pay $45 billion, there is no way you are going to find an additional $400 billion.

This is what conservatives have been screaming for years. Democrats promise voters everything to win elections. But they don’t seem to have a clue how they are going to pay for any of it.

California already has some of the highest costs of living in the country. Taxes are already sky-high. Individuals and businesses are fleeing to other states because they can’t afford to live there. But taxes are sure to get even higher, to cover that deficit.

Despite all this, I’m sure Democrats will try to push socialized health care again soon.

Source: Breitbart