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Blue State Rocked by GOP Power Move – They’re Going After Liberals’ Top Holy Grail


Even though Democrats enjoy large majorities in blue states, there are often Republicans fighting to make changes. As Democrat policies fail at the state and local level, opportunities are arising to restore law and order and basic common sense.

This isn’t being achieved through state legislatures—given the Democrat majority. Instead, Republicans are finding a path through ballot measures, which give voters the power to change laws and policies.

In one heavily blue state, Republicans recently scored big wins through ballot measures. They got voters to overturn six Democrat policies. Now, they are moving to push back some of the worst laws passed by the left.

From The Post Millennial:
Following the success of 6 voter initiatives to overturn failed Democratic policies in Washington, the chair of the state’s Republican Party is attempting to get three more on the November ballot.

State GOP Chair Jim Walsh, who is also a state representative, told The Ari Hoffman Show on Talk Radio 570 KVI that the three new initiatives, which were filed in late March, will attempt to reverse the Evergreen State’s “sanctuary” status, repeal efforts to ban natural gas, and end squatters’ rights.

Republicans in Washington are moving to get three major ballot initiatives passed. These measures will repeal Democrat-passed policies that are becoming unpopular among locals.

The three changes would repeal the state’s sanctuary status for illegal immigrants, end an attempt to ban natural gas, and a change to the laws to strip squatters of their rights.

If passed, these would be huge blows to the liberal establishment. Democrats have been advocates for these measures across the country, especially extreme environmental moves and providing sanctuary for illegal aliens.

Most states with sanctuary laws have become overwhelmed by migrants. Despite this, Democrats continue to welcome illegals—at great expense to Americans. Squatters have become a major issue recently, as homeowners push back against laws that protect people who refuse to leave their property.

Should Republicans get enough signatures, these measures could end up on the ballot. It will depend on how many Washington residents are fed up enough to push back against Democrats.

Source: The Post Millennial