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Border Czar Kamala Harris Humiliates Herself, Accuses GOP Of Dereliction of Duty At Border


Border Czar Vice President Kamala Harris humiliated herself when she slammed Republicans over her border crisis accusing them of dereliction of duty. Pot meet kettle.

She said about the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion: “I do believe that it challenges the strength of our ability to fight for democracies around the world when we have fundamental rights that are being attacked by extremist so-called leaders within our own country.”

Harris was then asked if she “understood the political point that DeSantis and Abbott are trying to make” by bringing the border to liberal enclaves like Martha’s Vineyard.

Harris said: “They’re playing games. These are political stunts with real human beings who are fleeing harm. Do you know what’s happening in Venezuela right now?

“These migrants came to the United States of America seeking refuge, asylum. 

“I think it is the height of irresponsibility, much less, frankly, a dereliction of duty when you are an elected leader to play those kinds of games with human life.

Harris was asked if she could “understand the frustration that Americans have about the situation at the border.”

Harris blamed Trump instead of answering the question.

“Under the previous administration, they decimated a system that was designed to address immigration,” she said, before adding the Biden administration has been spending time and resources to “reconstruct that system.”

Harris then tossed out the empty talking point that she is working to address the root causes of mass migration so that people will “take care of themselves in their home countries.”

But in doing so she gave up the game and destroyed her earlier point when she asked ‘do what’s happening in Venezuela right now?’

Either no one told Kamala or she is a moron because the new wave of migrants is coming from Venezuela in large part because we are sanctioning the heck out of that country.

They have a brutal communist government we are at odds with.

So Biden and Harris are actually making it worse because we are squeezing the country economically thus creating waves of migrants.

Now, whether we should try to get rid of that brutal regime is a different question but Kamala, today, with the policies of her administration, is making it worse and increasing the number of migrants coming from Venezuela.

Nevertheless, she slammed Republicans for being “inhumane” towards migrants.

“You know, doing it for the sake of a headline, what we’re seeing with these governors, is — is irresponsible and it’s — it’s inhumane. It’s inhumane,” she said.