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Border Officials Issue Sudden Alert – They Found 1 Terrifying Thing Illegals Are Bringing In


For years, Republicans and border officials have warned about the crisis happening at the border. They’ve accused President Biden of deliberately ignoring the millions of illegal aliens entering the country.

The Biden administration has even spent tax funds to move these migrants to all corners of the country.

This problem has jeopardized the safety of American communities, to say nothing of the jobs market. But now, federal officials are warning of a threat migrants are bringing with them.

From Just the News:
Federal, state and city health departments have issued public health alerts about increases of communicable diseases as illegal border crossers arrive in their communities…
Dr. Ashwin Vasan expressed alarm about those arriving who hadn’t been vaccinated for polio or chickenpox and were coming from countries with high rates of infectious tuberculosis.

Federal and local officials are raising the alarm about the many contagious diseases being brought into America by the flood of migrants crossing the border. Doctors are warning that most of these migrants are not vaccinated for diseases that have long been eradicated in America.

These illegal migrants are coming from countries with high rates of tuberculosis, a disease that has not been a threat to America in generations. Included with TB is the risk of polio, chickenpox, and other potentially deadly diseases.

It seems the Biden administration was not considering this serious threat to public health when it refused to close the border and deport illegal entrants. Critics will point out that this is the same president who threatened the jobs of millions of Americans, for not getting a COVID vaccine two years ago.

Yet there appeared to be no urgency from the White House about millions of outsiders coming into the country—possibly carrying diseases that have not been seen in the U.S. since our grandparents were children.

This will surely be used by Republicans to hammer Biden and the Democrats. For years, Republicans have called for the border to be closed and migrants to be removed. Biden has seemingly ignored all warning signs that this crisis was exploding. Now, many Americans might fall ill, due to Biden’s negligence.

Key Takeaways:

  • Officials are warning that the millions of Biden’s illegal aliens might be carrying diseases.
  • Many of these migrants are coming from countries with high rates of TB and other diseases.
  • None of these illegal aliens are vaccinated for polio, chickenpox, or other viruses.

Source: Just the News