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BREAKING: Fani Willis’ Friend Gives Bombshell Testimony That Could Disqualify Her


A friend to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testified in open court Thursday that she believed the prosecutor’s relationship with subordinate Nathan Wade stretched back as far as 2019, a shocking revelation that could put Willis at risk not only of losing her case against former President Donald Trump, but criminal prosecution as well.

Robin Yeartie testified remotely, appearing on a large-screen television while answering questions about her knowledge of Willis’ romantic relationship with Wade, whom she hired last year to serve as special prosecutor in her case against Trump and 18 co-defendants. She waited diligently while defense attorney Ashley Merchant queried her on her understanding of the personal timeline between Willis and Wade.

“When I ask you personal [relationship], do you take that to mean romantic?” Merchant asked.

“Yes,” Yeartie replied.

“And do you understand it that their relationship began in 2019 and continued until the last time you spoke with her?” Merchant continued.

“Yes,” she replied again.


Further into her examination of Yeartie, Merchant asked Judge McAfee to order that Willis sit for cross-examination based on the new revelations.

“We plan on calling Ms. Willis to the stand. She’s under subpoena, so hearsay will be cured, so far as if there is a hearsay objection,” she told Judge McAfee.


Yeartie’s testimony directly contradicts statements made by Willis in a sworn affidavit that she didn’t begin dating Wade until after he was hired by her office last year. Lying under oath in the state of Georgia carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

President Trump and co-defendant Michael Roman, represented by Merchant, have called for Judge Scott McAfee to dismiss Willis from the case on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct. State and federal probes have been launched to determine whether Willis illegally coordinated with the Biden Justice Department and diverted money from a young anti-gang program to continue funding her case. Wade has been paid at least $728,000 since being hired last year.

The trial, broadcast live on Thursday, threatened to become a media circus as President Trump hinted that he would appear in court to rub salt in Willis’ wound. Wade was caught on camera storming out a side door just as the defense began to call its first witness.

A dismissal of Willis could set the Georgia case back by months, effectively freezing a trial alleging Trump and others conspired to overturn the state’s 2020 election results. Similar efforts by Trump and his legal team are underway to delay federal trials; should he win a second term, legal observers believe he would have executive authority to dismiss both federal cases against him.