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BREAKING: Trump Shocks Fani Willis With Bold Legal Move


President Trump’s legal team has just made a bold, new legal move aimed at dismissing charges in the bogus election interference case brought against him by Fani Willis.

On Wednesday, lawyers Steven H. Sadow and Jennifer L. Little submitted a plea requesting for two charges to be removed from the Georgia case.

The charges they want dismissed have to do with allegations of actually filing fake documents and conspiring to do so.

Trump’s attorneys argue that these charges should be removed from Fani Willis’ case because they fall under federal jurisdiction, not state.

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Newsweek has more details:

Donald Trump’s attorneys asked Judge Scott McAfee to quash two more charges against the former president in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis‘ election interference case against him.

Trump attorneys Steven H. Sadow and Jennifer L. Little on Wednesday filed a brief urging McAfee, who is overseeing the upcoming trial in the case, to order two charges against Trump and his co-defendants to be dropped from cases surrounding the alleged attempts to thwart the 2020 presidential results in Georgia.

They asked for charges of filing false documents and conspiracy to commit filing false documents to be dropped, arguing that only the federal government, not Willis’ office, has the legal jurisdiction to charge people with filing allegedly false documents in federal court.

Willis last year charged Trump and 18 others with trying to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia, a swing state that narrowly went to President Joe Biden.