utenti connessi Brittney Griner Break Silence After Harsh Sentence, Tell Lawyers She’s ‘Devastated’: “She’s devastated, she is very upset and she’s honestly quite shocked – CONSERVATIVES MAGA

Brittney Griner Break Silence After Harsh Sentence, Tell Lawyers She’s ‘Devastated’: “She’s devastated, she is very upset and she’s honestly quite shocked


Brittney Griner is “devastated,” her lawyers revealed after a Russian court sentenced her to nine years in a brutal Russian penal colony.

Griner’s lawyers, Maria Blagovolina and Alexander Boykov said Griner’s nine-year sentence was nearly double what they thought she would get based on past sentences and that Griner did not take the news that she will spend nine years in a gulag well.

Blagovolina said: “She’s devastated. She is very upset and she’s honestly quite shocked, so she needs to digest what happened today. So nine years, it’s pretty unusual and it contradicts the existing court practice in Russia.

“That’s why we are really disappointed and very much surprised by this decision of the court.”

Blagovolina said Griner will appeal but that the process will “take a month or two or more than three. It’s not very fast.

“As a legal team, we need to do the maximum to get a shorter term. We need to use every legal opportunity that we have, and an appeal is one of those opportunities.”

Griner asked the court for leniency before sentencing. She said:

“I never meant to hurt anybody, I never meant to put in jeopardy the Russian population, I never meant to break any laws here.

“I made an honest mistake and I hope that in your ruling that it doesn’t end my life here. I know everybody keeps talking about political pawn and politics, but I hope that that is far from this courtroom.

“I want to say again that I had no intent on breaking any Russian laws. I had no intent. I did not conspire or plan to commit this crime,” she said.

From Fox News:

Former Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard slammed Vice President Kamala Harris’ record on marijuana prosecution after Harris condemned Russia’s imprisonment of WNBA star Brittney Griner on a cannabis charge.

“Another note of hypocrisy coming from Kamala Harris and this administration is you mentioned during her illustrious record as attorney general in California…she kept prisoners in prison longer than their sentences to use them as free slave labor yet at the same time these very same people are condemning other countries for doing the exact same thing,” Gabbard told Fox News host Will Cain. 

Griner was sentenced by a Russian court to 9 years in prison this week after being caught with a cannabis vape pen at an airport near Moscow earlier this year.  

The sentence earned widespread condemnation from U.S. officials including Harris who said she is working to secure Griner’s release.

According to People:

The hope, though, is that the ongoing negotiations between the U.S. State Department and Russia to release Griner as part of a prisoner exchange with Paul Whelan, another American imprisoned in the country, will be successful and get her home sooner.

White House Is ‘Still Waiting on’ Russia to Respond to Proposed Brittney Griner Exchange

When Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced the potential exchange last Wednesday, Griner “was quite happy to know that she had not been forgotten and that there are some possible developments,” Blagovolina says.

“But she’s quite realistic about what’s going on,” she adds.