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California Makes Disgusting Sewer Move – You Won’t Believe What They’re Planning!


This is one blue-state idea that should be flushed down the crapper. Someone with real poop for brains should’ve have been wiped from the project planning team. The puns could run forever.

Municipalities are always looking for ways to conserve vital resources and water is at the top of the list. Water takes on a higher level of importance in areas that are often affected by drought, such as western states. Any new technology to help conserve water and support communities will gain the attention of governments.

It sometimes seems a good idea and the technology to support it can go a beyond what many people are willing to accept. Think about astronauts recycling their waste in space and bringing a similar process into your home kitchen.

From Breitbart:
The California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) will consider regulations next week that would allow “toilet to tap” reuse of water supplies, treating sewage water and sending it back into ordinary drinking water systems in select municipalities.

California has been strapped for water resources off and on for decades, and they aphe process would allow for water systems to add wastewater that has been treated to levels meeting or exceeding all drinking water standards to their potable supplies. That means “toilet to tap” or in the language of regulators, “direct potable reuse.”

The board stated that direct potable reuse can enable water systems to generate a “climate-resilient water source” that can help reduce the amount of wastewater released into rivers and the ocean.

Standard water recycling requires wastewater to be treated over time through groundwater recharge or surface water dilution. The new technology recycles wastewater with immediate, multi-barrier treatment that can “recycle wastewater to drinking water standards in a matter of hours.”

The technology has been launched in pilot projects in recent years in water agencies in Santa Clara, San Diego and the city of Los Angeles. The SWRCB is set to hear testimony on proposed regulations to expand use of the technology within the state.

Source: Breitbart