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Chicago Mayor Makes 1 Wild Claim – Here’s His Insane “Solution” to City’s Worst Problem


The concept of reparations has become increasingly popular among progressive Democrats. They claim that descendants of slaves deserve payments from people who never owned slaves.

California flirted with the idea until the cash-strapped state realized it would cost them billions they did not have.

Now, another progressive region is pushing this ill-fated program. The liberal mayor of a large blue city is demanding reparations for millions of Americans who were never slaves. And to defend his demand, he made one outrageous claim.

From Breitbart:
Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson responded to a question on an uptick in most violent crime categories in the city in 2023 by stating that homicides and shootings have fallen and money “for restoration and reparations” will help address the “cycle of violence” in the city…

“Well, what I’ve built within these last seven months — in order for us to have a better, stronger, and safer Chicago, it really requires the full force of government…

I’ve added a half a million dollars for restoration and reparations to address, again, the cycle of violence…”

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s vision of helping the city seems to mean spending billions of tax dollars on progressive government programs. He claimed his “restoration and reparations” spending—which starts at “half a million dollars” was going to end the “cycle of violence” in the city.

Johnson claimed homicides and shootings are down. Yet Chicago continues to lead the country in those areas. The mayor is burning through cash (which might have come in the form of limited federal dollars) for “violence prevention,” and criminals returning from prison.

Noticeably missing from his answer was the growing migrant crisis, which threatens to destroy the city. Residents have sued the mayor’s office over plans to build migrant shelters in various communities. Chicago is quickly becoming overrun by illegal immigrants, as crime and poverty continue unabated.

Also not mentioned by the mayor were plans to fund the Chicago police department, despite the ongoing crime epidemic.

Critics have been merciless over reparations. Such programs would cost taxpayers billions, but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that they could improve communities or families.

Policies that have shown to help Americans, like school choice and lower taxes, have been ignored by Democrats like Johnson.

Source: Breitbart