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Cocaine Found on White House Premises Dispatch Call Shows


A suspicious substance that prompted an evacuation of the White House on Sunday was tested and found to be cocaine.  U.S. Secret Service closed down the White House and surrounding roads and called in a hazmat team and D.C. Fire and EMS. 

“U.S. Secret Service Uniform Division Officers located an unknown item on the White House complex,” a USSS spokesperson said. “As a precaution, the White House grounds were evacuated, and the DC Fire Departments Hazmat team responded.”

“We have a yellow bar stating cocaine hydrochloride,” a DC firefighter stated in a radio communication at 8:49 p.m. on Sunday.

“Bag it up and take it out,” the firefighter told the Hazmat team.

According to The Daily Mail:

The discovery came two days after Hunter, 52, was last seen at the White House as he headed to Camp David with his father for the long holiday weekend.

Mystery has ensued over who brought cocaine into the White House and the Secret Service is investigating the matter.

Trolls are speculating that the president’s addict son is the source of the illegal substance.

The White House library, however, is part of the tour of where members of the public regularly walk through. It is also two floors below the first family’s living quarters.

According to The New York Post:

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Washington Post that more tests will be conducted to confirm that the substance is in fact cocaine. President Biden was at Camp David at the time of the incident.

Authorities are now trying to determine how the substance got into the White House after a Secret Service agent found the powder during a routine sweep of the premises.

First son Hunter Biden, 53, who has acknowledged a prior addiction to crack cocaine, was on the White House grounds Friday before heading off to Camp David with his father for the holiday weekend.