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Daughter of Famous GOP Leader Smashes 1 Record – And It Puts Her in a Perfect Position


Democrats have taunted Republicans over the amount of fundraising the liberal party has raised to this point in the 2024 presidential election cycle. They like to brag about the leftist billionaires that throw money at them like it was candy at a parade.

Republicans really aren’t that far behind and, if less noticed national races are an indicator, Republicans are making waves that liberals aren’t seeing. These rogue waves of GOP fundraising could lead to upsets in November.

A blue state battle that is emerging as a test for liberal ideals falls in a western state that no one considers a swing state at the national level. But a high-profile GOP name from the past is looking to raise the tide and swamp the Democrat incumbent.

From Fox News:
The daughter of New Mexico’s last Republican senator has set a new fundraising record for a GOP Senate candidate in the blue-leaning southwestern state.

Nella Domenici’s campaign announced early Friday that the candidate brought in over $1.25 million from mid-January, when she launched her bid, through the end of last month, which brought to a close the January-March first quarter of 2024 fundraising. Domenici’s campaign cash figures were shared first with Fox News Digital.

The $1.25 million haul is being touted as the largest fundraising total of any Republican U.S. Senate candidate in New Mexico history for the first quarter of an election year.

Domenici is the daughter of longtime Republican Sen. Pete Domenici. He served for six terms before retiring in early 2009 after 36 years in office. Nella Domenici is the presumptive GOP nominee and she is barreling toward a head-on challenge to defeat Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich. The incumbent is seeking his third six-year term representing New Mexico.

Combining the name recognition of her late father (who died in 2017) and her own decades of experience in the finance industry has created a formidable opponent to the blue state incumbent. The Domenici name carries a powerful political brand that is widely recognized in New Mexico. Nella Domenici served in executive positions at Bridgewater Associates, Credit Suisse, and Citadel Investment group. She has developed a broad fundraising network and launched her campaign by investing a half million dollars of her own money.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, the campaign arm of Senate Republicans, encouraged her to run. She jumped out of the gate by receiving donations from 1,100 individuals as she pledged to challenge “extreme progressive ideology” while solving problems of New Mexicans and supporting their best interests.

“What an incredible outpouring of broad support in such a short amount of time — New Mexico is truly ready for a change,” Domenici said in a statement.

Her opponent brings to the race a wealth of political connections and a strong campaign coffer. Heinrich amassed nearly $4.5 million last year and ended 2023 with about $3.5 million cash-on-hand.

Election in New Mexico have trended heavily in favor of Democrats and the state is not considered a crucial swing state. That may be where Domenici can provide an unexpected wave of support and flip the Senate seat.

The prospect of an upset is a long shot as Biden carried New Mexico by 10 points in 2020, and it’s been 15 years since a Republican heal a Senate seat in the “The Land of Enchantment.” Heinrich won re-election in 2018 by more than 30 points.

Source: Fox News