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Days After Presidential Debate – Trump Gets Shock Election News


No matter how you slice it, Biden shot himself in the foot during the debate. Bad polling numbers from swing states forced the campaign to agree to debates. But it seems they overestimated Biden’s ability to perform live. For years, his handlers have carefully controlled Biden’s public appearances.

But last Friday, the entire world saw just how bad his mental decline has gotten. Many Democrats are demanding he step aside.

Yet, barring some unforeseen miracle, it does not look as if Biden will be replaced. Democrats are panicking, but Biden’s flunkies claim everything is fine. What are voters thinking after seeing Biden’s disastrous debate? New polls are coming out, and this could decide the election.

From Just the News:
A vast majority of registered voters think President Biden lacks the mental capacity for the presidency, according to a new CBS News poll conducted after the first presidential debate.

In total, 72% of registered voters surveyed said [Biden does not] have the “[mental and cognitive health” needed to serve as president. In addition, 72% of respondents said Biden should not be running for re-election, which is an increase from 63% in February.

Among Democratic registered voters, 45% said Biden should step aside and not continue his presidential campaign while 55% said he should keep running.

A new CBS poll reveals that a staggering 72% of voters believe Biden does not have the mental ability to be president. The same number thinks he should not be running for reelection. Among that number are 45% of Democrats who believe Biden should step aside. These are devastating numbers for the president, who continues to reject calls for him to step aside.

Hot on the heels of this bad news comes another poll from a respected firm.

According to AtlasIntel, Trump has seen his lead over Biden grow since the debate. He is now beating him by 5.2 points. This firm provided the most accurate polls in 2020, so Biden has good reason to be worried.

Democrats have pulled out all the stops to defeat Trump. They’ve launched endless lawsuits and criminal trials at him. They tried to keep him off state ballots. They’ve even donated to other Republicans’ primary campaigns. But all of that pales in comparison to Biden’s shocking cognitive decline.

Add to that how terribly his administration has governed the last four years, he might have already lost the election four months out.

Source: Just the News