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Democrat Candidate Hammers Nail in Her Own Coffin – Anti-Police Comments Just Sealed Stacey Abrams’ Fate


What’s Happening:

Democrat candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams has said some stupid things. But we never thought she’d stoop this low. It’s pretty pathetic that this was the best candidate Georgia Democrats could come up with.

The woman claimed that abortion was the solution to inflation. No, I’m not making that up. She defied medical science twice by saying nobody knows when pregnancies begin and that the heartbeat heard was not real.

But now, she is going after every man and woman in blue–accusing cops of this ugly smear. Even liberals have to reject her over this.

From Townhall:

After [Gov. Kemp] touted his endorsements from more than 100 sheriffs around the state, within the context of a discussion about crime, Abrams retorted that she lacked such support because those officers are motivated by racism.  Notice, there is no effort to point to any individual (allegedly) racist sheriff in this answer.

What a joke. Republican Gov. Kemp highlighted over 100 endorsements he’s received from sheriffs and law enforcement around the state. Radical socialist (and activist that once burned the Georgia flag) Abrams has zero endorsements from police officers.

That’s largely because she’s a pro-criminal Democrat who wants to defund police. Her claim? That police aren’t endorsing her because they are racist. This losing candidate accused all Georgia cops of wanting to “take black people off the streets.”

This is an ugly and pathetic smear that everyone with a conscience knows is a lie. It is an insult to the hard-working Georgia cops that risk their lives to protect all Americans, be they white or black. And it clearly ignores the many black police officers who protect the state of Georgia.

But this selfish, rude imbecile thinks she can get away with insulting millions of Americans, just because they wear a police uniform. Even Democrat voters need to admit Abrams is a terrible candidate and is in no way qualified to be governor.

I wouldn’t want this woman walking my dog, let alone running a state.

If this is the caliber of people Democrats are putting up for office these days, every America has a duty to not elect them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Radical activists Stacey Abrams accused Georgia police of racism for not endorsing her.
  • Republican Gov. Kemp has over 100 endorsements from law enforcement officers.
  • Abrams has recently pushed radical views about abortion, inflation, and law enforcement.

Source: TownhallTwitter