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Democrat Civil War Hits New Height – Top Liberal Senator Gets Swamped in Her Own Office

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Since Israel went to war with Hamas, there has been a growing rift among Democrats. Progressives, to the shock of many, appear to be siding with the enemies of Israel.

Far-left activists have blamed Israel for the Hamas attack. Some, including members of Congress, have been deeply critical of President Biden’s decision to support the Jewish state.

Progressives have protested with pro-Palestinian groups. Others have jeered top Democrats during events. Now, the rift appears to be getting worse, as progressives target Democrats… in their own offices.

From The Post Millennial:
On Thursday pro-Palestinian protestors occupied the Capitol office of Sen Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) to demand a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel…

The protestors, who sat on the floor and wore shirts and carried signs that read “veterans against genocide,” chanted “hey hey, ho ho, genocide Gillibrand has got to go,” and “rise up for Palestine.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters have been increasingly harassing–not Republican lawmakers–but their fellow Democrats. These activists have accused Democrats who support Israel of “genocide.”

Most recently, a group of activists protested inside the offices of New York Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. They called the liberal “genocide Gillibrand” and demanded a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war.

It is unclear how these progressives think a senator from New York would be able to force a ceasefire in a war thousands of miles away.

Democrats have been critical of their own party leaders over their support of Israel. One of Biden’s own employees, within the State Department, reportedly accused him of being “complicit in genocide.”

Most of these pro-Palestinian Democrats are quick to accuse Israel of crimes. Yet none of them appear to be commenting on the atrocities committed by Hamas against 1,400 helpless civilians, on October 7th.

In some cases, progressives appeared to have applauded the violence. A Black Lives Matter chapter in Chicago posted a message of solidarity with Hamas, openly condoning their actions. This appears to have moved corporate sponsors to cut ties with BLM.

Some might wonder how Biden will respond to these protests. It is no secret President Biden frequently bends to the demands of the progressive left. His campaign might fear losing their votes if he does not obey their calls to pull support from Israel.

If he does that, however, the rest of the nation will be outraged.

Source: The Post Millennial