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Democrat Civil War Just Erupted in Washington – Bernie Sanders Sparks Massive Clash in 1 Insane Move


In recent weeks, we’ve seen a rift grow within the Democratic Party. Moderate liberals are shocked over progressives for their support of Palestinians.

Progressives are calling out fellow Democrats, including President Biden, for supporting Israel–which they have called an oppressive, “apartheid” state.

This conflict is not going away. As most Americans support Israel, more and more progressives show hostility toward the nation and the Jewish people. Now, Sen. Bernie Sanders is taking sides–and outraging Democrats.

From Fox News:
Sanders, who caucuses with Democrats, released a statement over the weekend urging President Biden to force Israel into curbing its West Bank settlements and pledging no long-term blockade of Gaza before the U.S. releases aid dollars…

“I am absolutely for humanitarian aid to Gaza. But if Bernie Sanders puts political requirements on the Aid to Israel, I will work in the House to remove those conditions or condition Aid to Gaza that requires the removal of Hamas,” [Rep. Jared] Moskowitz wrote on X over the weekend. Both Moskowitz and Sanders are Jewish.

Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders sparked anger among Democrats when he pushed a resolution aimed at restricting aid to Israel. Among the demands he is making, Sanders wants Biden to force Israel into stopping its West Bank development and lessening pressure on Gaza.

Sanders was joined by another controversial (and largely unliked) socialist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who called for “conditional” aid for Israel. Most progressives either oppose any support being sent to Israel or conditions that would prevent Israel from fighting Hamas.

Democrat House member, Rep. Jared Moskowitz, pledged to block Sanders’ measure. He said he would work to remove those conditions in aid packages directed at Israel.

This is only the latest in a growing conflict among Democrats. Some progressive members of Congress have called out Biden over his support of Israel. Progressives in colleges and other places have rallied alongside Palestinians–who chant for the destruction of Israel.

This has coincided with a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic attacks in America and around the world. The Biden administration has responded to this crisis, with support to battle Islamophobia–a move that generated tremendous criticism from Americans.

Source: Fox News