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Democrat Mayor Has Total Meltdown on Camera – Here’s Her Crazy Reaction to 1 Big Accusation


It seems that, if you turn over a rock, you find a corrupt local official. This seems to be especially true in blue cities and states. Politicians get elected, thanks to exploiting identity or party politics.

Only for them to be later outed for a variety of wrongdoings, including using public funds for their personal expenses.

That happened in a town just outside Chicago. The Democrat mayor has been repeatedly outed for using funds inappropriately. But when she was confronted over it during a live-streamed meeting, she lost her mind.

From Fox News:
Democratic Mayor of Dolton, Illinois, Tiffany Henyard launched a tirade at fellow officials during a livestreamed meeting on Monday after questions were raised about her controversial spending and transparency…

Henyard slammed her fellow officials at the Monday meeting and declared, “You all forget I’m the leader. They want to hear from the mayor. You all ain’t learned that yet. The mayor, not the trustees that don’t do nothing. They only run their mouth. You all don’t do no work, no work!”

Sounding like a wannabe Mussolini, Mayor Tiffany Henyard ranted during a meeting when questions were raised about her spending. She is earning a $300,000 salary, despite governing a fairly impoverished community.

On top of that, she’s been accused of using the town’s money irresponsibly. Some have even claimed she’d bankrupt the city, over questionable expenses.

Instead of admitting her wrongdoing, the mayor launched into a crazed attack on her critics—town officials. The unhinged Democrat shouted that she was “the leader.” She claimed the officials that they “don’t do nothing,” only running “their mouth.”

Of course, she played the race card, saying they are only attacking her because she is a “black woman in power.”

It seems Henyard is refusing to explain why she spent $67,000 on trips to Portland, Austin, Atlanta and New York City. Many of those flights were first class. A report revealed that “In Atlanta, Henyard and her team stayed at the Four Seasons hotel costing taxpayers more than $9,000. In New York, the bill came to $13,000.”

All her shouting and ranting won’t erase the serious concerns that she is robbing this town of its money. The average income of a Dolton resident is $24k a year. But Henyard is living like she is the mayor of Beverly Hills.

It would be surprising if the town council doesn’t eventually move to remove her from office. They might even consider prosecution.

Key Takeaways:

Democrat mayor ranted and shouted during a live meeting, over accusations of misusing city funds.

The woman brings in a $300k salary and has spent thousands on trips.

Some have claimed she will bankrupt the town over her reckless spending.

Source: Fox News