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Democrats Give Biden a Nasty Surprise – Majority Says They Want to Do 1 Thing to Joe


The November election is about six months away. The general election cycle is just heating up. In a few days, Donald Trump and Joe Biden will have their first debate. Both parties will be spending millions and working overtime to secure huge victories.

But it seems as if the Democrats are about to hit a big snag. Despite winning his party primaries, many voters are not happy with Joe Biden.

His approval has been long in the toilet. And recent polls do not bode well for him in the Fall. Now, a new poll is showing just how much Democrat voters dislike the incumbent. They are even willing to do this.

From the Washington Examiner:
Fifty-four percent of Democratic likely voters would approve of Biden being replaced, a very unlikely possibility with the party nominating convention set for mid-August. Biden has won his primaries in runaways…

They have no alternative in mind other than former first lady Michelle Obama, who has repeatedly vowed not to run.

The devastating results were delivered by Rasmussen Reports on Tuesday. In the poll shared with Secrets, just 38% of Democrats said they would disapprove of replacing Biden on the ticket despite growing concerns about his meandering policies and mental and health failings.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 54 percent of Democrat voters want Joe Biden replaced. Only 38% of Democrats would disapprove of replacing Biden at this point in the election.

Those are very bad numbers for a sitting president. A president is reelected thanks to the strong support of his party. For so many members of Biden’s party to want him gone… does he have much of a chance?

Despite wanting him gone, voters don’t seem to know of a good alternative. The only person that seemed to come to mind was Michelle Obama. But she has recently made it clear that she was not interested in holding public office.

Democrats are stuck. They could have found an alternative, in the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He was running as a Democrat last year, but the party boxed him out. Now, there is no one who can replace Biden and salvage Democrats’ chances in the election.

Liberals probably fear Trump will run away with the election, securing a large Republican majority next year.

Source: Washington Examiner