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Democrats In 1 Red State Make Insane Demand – This Could Mean Total National Disaster


In recent years, critics have commented on Democrats’ increasing leftist platform. Republicans have accused Democrats of trying to cripple the country’s economy.

And they have been particularly critical of Joe Biden, whom some claim is going out of his way to hamper America’s prosperity.

This is especially true in one crucial area. Democrat policies have appeared to take aim at this industry. And in one red state, Democrats have hatched a plan that could send millions to the unemployment line.

From Daily Wire:
The Alaska Democratic Party is exploring amending its platform to call for an end to all oil drilling and fracking in the state, according to documents obtained by The Daily Wire…

While some in the Alaska Democratic Party call for a complete end to oil production, the state’s economy remains largely dependent on the industry… The oil industry even accounts for about one-half of the state’s total economy when taking into account state spending of revenues from the industry.

Biden has received no end of criticism for his policies against the oil and natural gas industries. Many have claimed his refusal to allow drilling on federal land is the chief contributor to the U.S.’s inflation and economic troubles.

Despite this, Democrats in Alaska are considering a policy calling for a total shutdown of the state’s oil drilling. This would not only hurt American energy, of course, but drive the state’s economy into the ground.

Alaska is the fifth-highest producer of oil in the country. The industry provides billions in wages and over 70,000 direct or indirect jobs. Half of the state’s entire economy is dependent on the oil and natural gas industries.

Should Democrats get away with their plan, it would result in a cascade of devastating consequences. Not only would Alaska lose billions in wages and tax revenue, but tens of thousands of residents would lose their livelihoods. And that could ripple into hurting other jobs in other states.

One might be forced to wonder how Democrats, across the country, could push environmental policies so suicidal to America’s prosperity. Climate alarmists continue to demand radical changes to our way of life, over claims that not everyone accepts as factual. Despite modest changes, to protect the environment, Joe Biden and his party are pushing drastic policies that have hurt nearly every American.

Should Democrats win enough elections in Alaska, however, this could become a reality.

Source: Daily Wire