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Democrats Suffer Critical 2024 Defeat – Biden Just Lost His Biggest Advantage

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Recently, President Biden sent serious shockwaves through his party when he demanded South Carolina be made the first primary state.

Some claimed Biden was repaying his allies in the state, who supported him early on in 2020.

But this move upset nearly 100 years of American customs, and one state law. People questioned how the original first primary state would respond. Now, Biden might suffer big time.

From Fox News:
New Hampshire Secretary of State Dave Scanlan is scheduled Wednesday to announce the date of the contest, which for a century has served as the first presidential primary in both the Democratic and Republican Party nominating calendars…

And the holding of an unsanctioned primary has led President Biden to keep his name off the New Hampshire ballot. However, Granite State Democrats have launched a write-in campaign in an attempt to prevent an electoral embarrassment for the president as he runs for a second term in the White House.

New Hampshire has been the first state to hold primary voting for one hundred years. The state has even passed a law ensuring its position. When Biden coerced the Democratic Party to make South Carolina the first, he did so without the support of New Hampshire.

Now, New Hampshire’s Secretary of State Dave Scanlan is set to announce the date of its primary. Most believe it will be January 23, putting it ahead of other states. Democrats claim the state is “out of compliance” with its nominating calendar.

But New Hampshire has accused President Biden and Democrats of rejecting historical norms and state law.

Because Biden refuses to cooperate with the state, his name is not officially on its ballot. That could result in Joe Biden not winning delegates, which could result in a national embarrassment. State Democrats have scrambled to get voters to write in Biden’s name, but it is unclear if that will be successful.

Gov. Sununu, a Republican, had vowed, “We’re going first, no matter what.”

Democrats have slandered Iowa and New Hampshire, the first states to hold either a primary election or caucus. The leftist party has accused these states of being “too white” revealing their motivation to change historical norms appears to be race-driven.

Biden has demanded South Carolina be the first primary state. It’s elections will be held on February 3rd. This conflict could result in lawsuits and other bitter fighting. How it will impact the actual election remains to be seen.

Source: Fox News