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DeSantis Takes 1 Surprise Shot at Trump – Claims Donald Made a Disturbing Move in 2020


The GOP presidential primaries took a new turn as beloved Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, endorsed Ron DeSantis. The governor had planned not to endorse anyone.

Now, her endorsement might encourage many Iowa Republicans to side with the Florida governor.

Both Republicans sat down for an interview, following this news. And while discussing their time as leaders of their respective states, DeSantis drops a bomb on former President Donald Trump. This could be a wake-up call for many voters.

From Breitbart:
Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), who has endorsed DeSantis for president, said that rival 2024 GOP candidate former President Donald Trump attacked governors for trying to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic…

“And yet, I know Donald Trump says he did everything right during COVID. That is not true… She was doing things, Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) was attacked from the White House podium for opening up Georgia. … And so, it was media, bureaucracy, both Trump’s and Biden’s administration, and we just need to have an accounting for that.”

During an interview, Govs. Reynolds and DeSantis accused former President Trump of attacking governors who tried to reopen their states during the pandemic. Gov. Reynolds was called “COVID Kim” by the media.

And she stated that she received “incredible” pushback for defying the federal government’s mandate to stay locked down. She even said that President Trump “called out governors” who wanted to reopen.

DeSantis went on to accuse Trump of seemingly whitewashing his COVID response. The Florida governor accused Trump of claiming he did “everything right.” DeSantis said that is “not true.” He also revealed that Trump attacked governors, including Georgia Gov. Kemp, for opening up.

This news might come as a shock to many voters. In recent years, Trump has appeared to take credit for defying the government’s demands for lockdowns, masks, and vaccine mandates. DeSantis has claimed Trump did whatever lockdown advocate Anthony Fauci told him to do.

This news from DeSantis might challenge some voters’ views on Trump. The man who promised to “drain the swamp” and oppose big government has been accused of pushing some of the most radical and freedom-defying mandates the country has ever seen. Including allegedly attacking governors who wanted to “get the economy moving.”

How this will affect voters’ decisions… remains to be seen.

Source: Breitbart