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Disney Accused of Making 1 Sick Woke Move – And American Families Are Freaking Out


Disney just can’t help itself. The major studio has lost billions in recent years. Many believe it is because of how the once family-friendly company is pushing progressive politics in every show, movie, and song they produce.

Bob Iger, the current CEO, managed to stave off a coup that would have cost him his job. Perhaps that convinced him that he was safe.

Regardless, it looks like the company is continuing to push the most radically progressive agenda in all of Hollywood. This is especially alarming because of how they target children and families. And one report is sure to upset millions of Americans.

From Breitbart:
Walt Disney World in Florida appears to have cast a man to play the evil queen from Snow White in drag at its Wilderness Lodge resort, according to a viral video showing the performer.

In addition, That Park Place — a site devoted to Disney theme parks — reported that a family who dined at the Wilderness Lodge also encountered the performer, with the father telling the site “that the Evil Queen without a doubt had a man’s voice.”

According to reports, Disney has cast a man to play the evil queen from Snow White at a theme park. The man is essentially in drag, according to the claims, playing the iconic character at the Wilderness Lodge resort. Footage released on social media has been hotly discussed.

A family dining at the resort further agreed with the claims. The father said the evil queen was “without a doubt” a man. This will come as disturbing news for many Americans who are growing increasingly frustrated at Disney’s leftward lurch.

Just a few months after a viral video showed a man dressed like a fairy godmother at Disneyland. The actor was clearly a man, mustache and all, who greeted children at the park.

The company has been exploiting nearly all of its properties to push far-left politics. They have become advocates for feminism, transgenderism, social justice, and other “woke” ideologies. Everything from streaming services to major blockbuster movies has been polluted with these themes.

And it has resulted in the company losing money hand over fist. Disney continues to watch its profits go down the drain. Yet its executives have claimed other factors are to blame, refusing to admit they are pushing a woke agenda on families.

Source: Breitbart