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Disneyland Exposed in Woke Scandal – You Won’t Believe What They Put Up in the Park


Disney apparently hasn’t learned anything about going after people who disagree with its woke ideology. The once admired entertainment empire has crumbled into a cascade of liberal ideas that undermine American culture.

Employees at Disneyland were subjected to another dose of woke ideology recently. They couldn’t even have a little peace of mind when taking a break from their jobs. Propaganda posters were promoted in employee spaces.

An inside source revealed posters that segmented people into different classes and pitted the classes against each other. The propaganda pieces featured a colorful wheel that channeled woke ideology for all to see.

From The Daily Wire:
Posters featuring a “wheel of power/privilege” were hung in employee spaces in Disneyland, instructing employees that being white, “cisgender male,” and even speaking English means you have “unearned” privilege that your “marginalized” coworkers do not.

If you’re a slim, straight, white man who speaks English and has a college degree you are at the heart of “power” on this woke wheel. And you’re the bullseye for all the marginalized groups wanting to target your “privilege.”

The wheel highlighted a definition of “privilege.” The poster defines this privilege as “unearned access or advantage granted to specific groups of people because of their membership in a social group.”

The list of privileges goes on and on about different social identities such as race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, ability status, sexuality, age, education level, and more. Who knows what else the wheel could include? The wheel asserts that certain social groups – white, male, wealthy, able-boded, etc. – hold dominance and power over targeted groups.

Targeted, or marginalized, groups include people who are dark-skinned, transgender, homeless, and don’t speak English. The poster calls for people to accept that they have privileges that keep them from having and awareness of the world.

An image of the wheel was supplied to The Daily Wire by a source who wanted to remain anonymous over fear of retaliation by the company. The poster was placed in a key employee area where a variety of workers would see it.

“So many cast members, myself included, are tired of the division being pushed by companies with a lack of regard for the founder’s vision,” the source told The Daily Wire. “Things like this make people feel unwelcome, destroying the magic.”

The source said that this type of material is not what company founder Walt Disney would want for the entertainment venue. This incident doesn’t help Disney’s public image which has taken a hit in recent years. Once a heralded entertainment beloved by people around the world, Disney has suffered many box-office failures. Movies have appeared to be pushing leftist political ideology amidst senior employees admitting to pushing a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda.” The company was rewarded by its adoring public with losses of nearly $1 billion on movies like Elemental and The Little Mermaid.

The company appears to have missed the memo from CEO Bob Iger who last year said Disney lost its focus by placing more political messaging into content. Iger said the objective should be for Disney to entertain first and not focus on messages.

Disney leadership might want to consider spreading the word about focusing on entertainment because the woke messaging isn’t resonating with employees or the public that pays the bills.

Source: The Daily Wire