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Disturbing “Thing” Appears On Biden’s Face During Speech – What On Earth Could This Be?


It is nothing new for critics to question President Biden’s age and health. The Democrat is 80 years old, the oldest person to serve as president. His age is a major factor going into the 2024 Election, with some voters worried about his fitness to lead.

Countless video clips reveal how the man occasionally struggles to communicate. He often appears sluggish, confused, and uninterested, and it’s a common sight for Biden to be carrying large “cheat” cards during public appearances.

But while on Air Force One answering reporters, viewers notice something new. Apparently, footage revealed something odd with Biden’s chin.

From Daily Caller:
What is going on with Joe Biden’s face?

President Joe Biden appeared to grow a mushy butt chin while making remarks to the press at Ramstein Air Base in Germany following his trip to Israel.

Say what you want about Joe Biden, but he’s normally a pretty thin fellow. But in this video, his typically tight jawline appears to have melted into half-a-day-old ice cream.

Clips from his interview on Air Force One appear to show Biden’s chin misshapen. Older pictures show his chin to be smooth and solid. But during that appearance, it looked as if he had two lumps protruding from beneath his jaw…

Speculation has run rampant online. Some have claimed he previously had a “chin implant” which might have been removed for some reason, while others worried those could be growths or tumors. At the time of this writing, the White House had not issued an explanation for the images.

Many have commented on Biden’s health over the years. A former White House physician has frequently called on the president to take a cognitive test and release the results to the country. Democrats, however, continue to maintain that all of this is overblown and that Biden is in fine health.

In fact, his press secretary once claimed he was the “best communicator” in the administration.

It is unlikely the administration will provide an adequate answer for Biden’s mysterious appearance. A day or so later, when he addressed the nation, his chain appeared slightly different. The two lumps appeared less pronounced, but his chin still appeared less firm than it had in the past.

Source: Daily Caller